Posted by: sarahmeyers | November 23, 2007

Production Style For Geeks From Scobleizer to Pirillo

When I was photo walking with Robert Scoble, earlier this month, we got on to talking about various production methods. I was talking about how it’s like for me life casting and doing production. Monday through Thursday I life cast myself researching for topics, writing the scripts, making phone calls, and other preproduction. I’m going to do an online show that has a tech focus, but don’t have as much authority on tech as people like Robert Scoble.

There is a lot that goes into production and in the end you ultimately want a video only a few minuets long to upload to You Tube. If all video bloggers would life cast their pre production their shows would get more viewers. Shows like Mahalo daily and Rocketboom spend full time jobs producing a clip less than three minuets long. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone filmed their preproduction and shared it with the world. All their techy conversations would be so delightfully tasty.

I mentioned Veronica Belmont as someone like me who is an authority on tech. Both Scoble and I confirm she is a true geek.

Veronica Belmont, Laughing Squid

(photo by Laughing Squid)

And there is me. I life cast, video blog daily- coming soon, blog about tech, and am a big “fangirl” of other geeks.


(Photo by Thomas Hawk who was also walking with us that day)

But you don’t have to be a cute woman to pull it off.

Looking at others dealing with the same thing Robert brought up Chris Pirillo’s production method. Chris Pirillo does a life cast on Ustream.TV where he is one of the most popular life casters. About every time I go to his room there are more people there than any other show. However, he films himself doing preproduction too, but like me does not press record until ready to do a show. He’s smart and it’s great to get his opinion on technology matters. Also, if you write into him he will read what you have to say and give a video responce that helps your out and answers your questions. Here is an example where he gives a video response to how to get a career in technology.

Scoble said that the most interesting thing about the production of the show is he life casts as a way to end up with a final product of a short form show. The show then get’s uploaded to You Tube and millions of viewers watch it there.

Chris has made some pretty amazing viral videos on You Tube and this is my favorite one:



  1. Yeah, well… now it’s just getting the sponsors to understand the value in what we’re doing. Most aren’t listening.

    Wake up.

  2. Yes I agree, but I am finding that part to be more easy in recent months. Here is my advice:get the CEOs to be your fan boys

  3. Hmph. I must know the wrong CEOs.

  4. You know a lot of CEOs. I check out your live show often and see the Dell sponsor there. That’s a really good one! It’s not just about knowing the CEOs it’s about putting together a comprehensive marketing campaign for their brand. This sometimes may involve sponsoring multiple things like a vlog and a conference.

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