Posted by: sarahmeyers | November 26, 2007

Pop Snap TV News Headlines

After several emails and comments I am posting this to let you guys know when I play what videos on my life cast and where I am getting them from. I have played videos I’m watching while “life casting” on,, and A life cast is great for people who like to share what they are doing online.

The original Household Hacker over at House Hold Hacker tells us how to build a cell phone interceptor. You just take a remote control and a paper plate with some wire and tape and make it so easy.

The problem in schools is how much time students spend online, watching tv and doing various things. This viral video tells you about it.

Web 2.0 viral video tells you about how technology is moving fast.

If you live in Dutch land or anywhere else in the world you may have noticed the unlocked iPhone prices are sky high in response to their law suit by Voda Phone. I initially heard about this in a comment around a French iPhone ad.

Draft Bodies: I am now an official fan after watching this viral video. I have already watched it 6 times today. There is a funny spin off that got a small viral buzz today too.

In Politics, Ron Paul and the Internet.

On Politics and Technology, Epic-Fu.

How to change 2D to 3D on the computer video.

This video I watched four times today and even imitated. It has over a couple million views and gives a smart metephorical representation of media, beauty, and health. It has a great Snow Crash Sci-fi element to it.

Thanks for watching Pop Snap TV.



  1. Thanks especially for the “time students spend online” video (because I still reread MM) and it’s your fault (own it) I’m an Epic-Fu fan now. Incurable.
    Maybe this isn’t exactly a starter kit for video blog neophytes but with it and a few (dozen) intuitively obvious searches, I found everything I needed. As soon as I finish implementing the physics required to extract a few more hours from my day without altering the earth’s rate of rotation, I’ll send you a link to the first results.
    Again, thanks.

  2. George- Thanks for watching. Epic-fu is probably happy to have you as a fan boy. They are great at responding to their fans too (notice in their videos at the end they give shout outs to the fans). Please send links to story suggestions or questions you have for the next show, tonight because it’s daily, to

  3. Thanks for the links! You’re the best!

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