Posted by: sarahmeyers | December 1, 2007

Vid-Biz Headlines

NewTeeVee is one of the best sites for getting a business perspective on new media business from YouTube and beyond. They report that Britney Spears is holding a mash up contest of YouTube videos from the greatest moments of Britney online.

MyKateModern TV of Beebo will be playing on Virgin American flights. Now people can watch this and BoingBoingTV.

Tay Zanday’s goes from Chocolate Rain to Chocolate pimp in his most recent viral video. The first was no low budget video. Dancing women, hip hop singers, chocolate luxury, and Tay the king thrive off of cherry Dr. Pepper in this video. The filming and spectacle reminds me of the Britney Spears Pepsi commercial “The Joy of Pepsi” they called one of their most popular commercials.

Myspace’s most popular musician, Tila Tequila gets her own show on MTV and it’s already going to be the most popular series. Myspace is still more popular than Facebook and Tila shows that off. Her days of Internet fame have translated to Television fame as she has successfully taken a big step up. Let’s just hope she has more success from here on out. Watch more video about it here.

Tech Crunch reports that Jakob Lodwick and AIC chief Barry Diller had a head to head and Jakob got fired from Vimeo. The couple, Jakob and Julia Allison, talk to each other about the breakup via their blogs. He posted a picture blog post response saying he would miss everyone. The picture is of him holding and smoking out of a bong. He took it down from his blog hours after posting it, but too late- everyone else had republished by that time.

Speaking of Tech Crunch, PerkettPR sends me this video of me talking at the end about what I think of Tech Crunch. This video was taken before my post from yesterday. See, I can prove my sentiments are genuine: I said all that before anything has been released. Re Michael Arrington: “Update: Well, she shut the site down.” this isn’t true. I’m talking with mogulus to make set to private shows and chats so that they are not on the closed alpha list. That is why the content has temporarily been removed from the site.

iJustine embeds player and chat on that launched Thursday. She’s still on, but why the sudden transition to ustream?



  1. Take a look at the logo at the end of the Zanday video. There’s no period in the product name “Dr Pepper”… It was eliminated during the 1950s for typographic reasons. A logo font was introed that separated the ball of the “r” from the vertical stroke. It looked strange – something like |: – so the solution to the problem was to delete the period.

  2. I agree with their thinking on that one. Too many logos try to play with too many parts. I like simple logos. If you notice its the simple logos that go far. Maybe they were thinking like some existential philosopher or maybe it is because it is incorrect. Look at the logo for Diet Cherry Dr Pepper: ugly.

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