Posted by: sarahmeyers | December 2, 2007

My First Snow In NYC Today


The world around us changes every day. A big part of that is in our own personal worlds as connections between people shape and change your life and the life of others around you. Every small thing you do may have a big impact on the world. Computers, cell phones, iphones, ipods, and the Internet are making us more individualized and independent. You and I spend more time at the computer than most places and our time is increasing every day. From accessing information to working and communicating with collegues, associets and clients, our work load expands, but we are more connected than ever.

Today I felt connected to this red tree in Central Park. It’s the first time in a while that I took a good few hours to go on a long walk in Central Park. Welcome snow and a white New York winter. I’m no longer a virgin to New York City snow yea.



  1. Now it’s time to head to Vermont to go Snowboarding.

  2. nice hat sarah with an “h”

  3. Hey, thanks. I noticed you wrote about it too. I bet more bloggers will join us. Cheers! -SaraH

  4. I’m confused. Where’s my snow?! Colorado was supposed to get snow!

  5. It’s an average fact that Colorado gets sun 360 days of the year. That’s a snow and shine type of place. I love Aspen Colorado because of the rocks and hiking and hope to go there this spring if I can get a few days off.

  6. gotta admit, i am jealous – we rarely get snow anymore… climate change sucks!

  7. Lake Tahoe has the best show.

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