Posted by: sarahmeyers | December 2, 2007

Windows Vista Live Ad

Easily enjoy and share your digital photos using Windows Vista and Windows Live. Learn how you can capture and share the moments that matter.



  1. I’ll stick with my Pet Leopard and iLife 08l……

  2. I don’t know this looks pretty sweet. I like how easy it is to find photos.

  3. Ahhh maybe I like iPhoto 08 i find it easy. I’ve heard you need lots of Ram to run vista really well and enjoy it. But I’ll have to check it out. It’s good thought too Sse windows more friendly and easier and fun to use.

  4. I think Microsoft’s advertising over promises what the company can deliver. When was the last time a Microsoft product made you think ‘wow, that was slick and easy’?

    And you can find photos so easily using keyword searching! That’s so funny, like Microsoft is so great at search.

    Keyword search in XP, using file explorer, frequently fails to work correctly and has very poor usability, They’ve had since 2001 to improve on it but have not done so. Btw, I’m a Windows user, not a Mac ‘fan boy’.

    Microsoft’s products are only ‘slick and easy’ for consumers with low levels of technical ability who expect any task involving a computer to be beyond their ability. Maybe that describes the average American at which this product is aimed… in which case it will not disappoint.

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