Posted by: sarahmeyers | December 3, 2007

Natali Del Conte, The Next Veronica Belmont

I am so proud of my girl Natali del Conte from San Francisco. She’s been the host of Pod Show’s Textra for almost a year now and she’s a regular on Cranky Geeks and G4, but first came around as a writer for PC magazine and Tech Crunch. She started off on camera with Pod Show with some bad clips, but as she moved on her videos got really good. Her performance is good because she really connects with the camera.

With Veronica Belmont off to Mahalo daily, Cnet approached Natali with an offer she could not resist. After wanting to work for Cnet her whole career they approached her. She is like the last cherry that just got plucked from Pod Show whom apparently has been looking for financing a third round after their 24 million dollar investment.

She said that Cnet will be promoting her as the face of Cnet. With their connections to NBC she will be connected in to their departments at places like Good Morning America and the Today Show. However, she says that she wants to be a pioneer in the new media space and wants to build out her brand in both traditional TV and new media ventures at Cnet. This is a huge step up! “It will be a hybrid of both TV and keep the pull with podcasts that is moving faster than most people believe.” Natali and I will both be at CES this year. Last year I covered it for, good blog post on us there, and this year I will be covering it for Gizmodo and maybe I snag her in one of my videos for you guys then. But until then the only video you will see of us is in this blog post.

CES will give us podcasters a lot of subjects to make videos about. Here are some highlights from when Veronica did it for us. Will Natali be able to fill her shoes?

My quick Q and A:

“Do you think the fans will follow?”

“I think it’s an easy transition to make.”

“Is the personal branding of Natali Del Conte important?”

“It is, yes, it’s more important for my name to be out there.”

“And what about Pod Show?”

“Sad to leave, but ready to move on. At Cnet we will do more location shoots and interviews. I will not be the only correspondent. There are a lot of others working on the project.”

I was the first to guest on Textra this year. It was fun getting our hair and make up done so we looked ready for a photo shoot. You have to go to the 4:20 mark to see me.

It was a bit drowsy as the studio was in the basement, but with the blue lighting you can’t really tell where it is, lol. Cnet has a big budget for Natali and it’s bigger than Pod Shows. Pod Show would only let her do three episodes a week. The best part about the transition seems to be more Natali everywhere. I think she is going to make it because shes really good at connecting with the camera.



  1. […] Natali Del Conte, The Next Veronica Belmont […]

  2. Sweet. Good post on this Sarah. Good luck Natalie! (p.s. Natali, did Elizabeth from PodcastingNews get a hold of you? I know she was trying to but I’d lost your Skype info on my new computer 😦

    I hope you both continue to rock.
    best wishes,

  3. you mean NBC?

  4. Hey Marshal, Thanks so much. I wish Natali the best of luck 🙂

  5. hello

  6. natali esta mas buena que veronica.

  7. Natali esta buenona, veronica parece palo.

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