Posted by: sarahmeyers | December 5, 2007

Video-Twitter: Seesmic


I have heard others say that Seesmic, the video twitter site, will not make it because they will be pushed aside once Twitter decides to do video. I disagree with this because Twitter is not looking to do video and there is an audience who wants the functionality of a video twitter. This is particularly appealing to video bloggers, bloggers and life casters. They have potential to step it up and take the opportunity because Twitter is not interested. Though they have a ways to go they are going in the right direction and making the right marketing moves.

Seesmic is a little buggy. A few times I have tried to record video and it either didn’t record or cut off my last sentence. I noticed on some other videos the end of their sentence was cut off in their twitters. The You Tube automatic upload feature doesn’t seem to be working at this time, but you may send all seesmic posts right to your twitter by entering your Twitter account information on Seesmic.

Seesmic could really make it because they have a good marketing and PR strategy that I find impressive on many levels. First their modesty and humbleness over their brilliant idea wins the press over, second their closed alpha stage has built a tighter community with community leaders and their original content promotes bloggers and Seesmic outside of the closed alpha site making others beg for invites. I have only five invites left and will be happy to send you one. Tell me what you like or don’t like about it in the comments below.

Watch this video Vinvin made (quite the funny guy from what I have seen) with Loic and tell me if you think it is entertaining. Personally I like how the entire video is narrated by their twitters. These guys are not only smart and funny, but they are creative too.



  1. Bertolt Brecht, Luigi Pirandello and I viewed this cinema together and while my two companions have not laughed aloud for decades, they did rouse themselves to agree that it was funnier than “Waiting for Godot.” Sam B. was unamused by that comparison, yet liked the use of tweets.

  2. I still think the barrier to entry of making a “video twitter” is too high. With twitter, you can post at 3 AM in your pajamas while laying in bed. With seesmic, you have to go to a webcam and film yourself. Most people are more conscientious about how they look than how they type. Nevertheless, I would appreciate one of your invites if you have one :-). Maybe it’s something that has to be tried to be understood.

  3. Quite interesting and excited for Seesmic as well. A perfect harmony here could be a winner.

    Also, I’d love to take one of the invites off your hand, if still available.

  4. Hey Sarah,

    This video is not only entertaining, it also demonstrates how education and learning could benefit big time from a twitter/seesmic combo. I had indeed been wondering how I could bring vidcasts to my blog in order to turn it into the “World’s #1 Math Skills Development Website”. Now I’m wondering no more, I’m dead convinced this combo is the key that will unlock my project’s door.

    By the way, is it mere coincidence I just found this on your “About” page: “… we are driven to create because we want to help humanity and empower people … We see different parts of technology as different elements that come together to create a key that will unlock a door that will change the world.”

    Me seems we share the same vision, I’ll be happy to meet you on seesmic.


  5. Hello, the video was very funny. Would love a Seesmic invite. Wanted to try it out for myself. Thanks.

  6. Hi Jean-Marie, there are things you may do to promote education using web 2.0 tools like that lets you learn fast and study less.

    Steve Wozniak is my biggest inspiration.


  7. 😉 Thks Sarah.
    Bertold Brecht… hé hé.

  8. I don’t think Twitter is looking to do anything much! Let alone add video!

    If Twitter were going to add significant features they would have done it long ago with more basic things like picture MMS messaging.

  9. AndyBob- Do you have a Seesmic inviet? Are you already on it? Add me as a friend if you are.

  10. Hi Sarah, I do agree yoyobrain is one of those cool web 2.0 tools… although I’d have to dig a little bit deeper into their platform for a more comprehensive understanding of how it might link to my site.

    Hole-in-the-Wall embodies one of my fundamental educational values: “Today’s children need not only basic education, but also the ability to deal with an increasingly complex and connected world.”
    One of Davies’ Dailies objectives is to “look at solutions that complement the framework of traditional schooling”. Granted, it may look like just any other blog at this time, which could eventually grow over time into “yet another great portal”, but there’s more than meets the eye…

    I’d love to help people engage into conversations about math-centered demands, passions and tastes; see them seamlessly use the most advanced web-tools to find answers to their daily math needs; see them effortlessly share their knowledge with an ever growing number of human beings…
    There are several tools I’m currently exploring, some of them I’ve already enclosed more or less satisfactorily in my blog. I don’t know if anyone’s already been using twitter to solve educational needs, but it is while watching the above video I suddenly had that vision of a twitter/seesmic feed embedded in a website, where people would simply tape and/or type their math-related questions, while other site visitors would do the same to respond to their requests.


  11. @Anjuan. you are right in that it is something that has to be tried to be understood. I’ve seen many a video from folks laying in bed. It is not so much about how great you look, or how fancy your video camera is. It is about the community and the content you add.

    Just like twitter. I appreciate seeing Seesmic videos on the mundane, and the well thought out. All bring me to a closer understanding of the person.

    I’ll see you on Seesmic. 🙂

  12. I don’t think seesmic can even be compared to twitter because it’s a totally different animal.

    Twitter gives you 140 characters of text to answer the question “Whaare you doing?” and if someone is following you they can read it or reply.

    Seesmic gives you about 5 minutes to to start a conversation or join one using your own face and voice via video. Is it limited by the fact that you “have to go to a webcam?” I don’t think so.

    If you’re thinking in terms of twitter, then yes, the barrier to entry is “different,” but not necessarily higher, since people who use the seesmic service know that it’s video and not just text. They know the difference.

    IMO, whoever compared seesmic to twitter in the first place did it a disservice by saying “video twiter” or whatever.

    Back to the barrier to entry…

    Just do a closeup of your face or head and nobody will ever know that you’re nekked 😉

  13. It’s easier to use Twitter, that’s for sure. The first person to compare Seesmic to Twitter is Michael Arrington and I don’t think he did them a disservice. I hope the last comment about barrier to entry is about either your own neck or Seesmic’s and not mine. 🙂

  14. Perception, flexibility and integrating it into our online lives is what will make seesmic truely useful to us.

    No, that last bit was was not directed at you personally, Sarah, just at self-conscious looking to lower the barrier to entry a couple notches 😉

  15. Cool.

  16. Wow I still have a lot of invites left. I thought I ran out, but just found some that were hiding from me!

  17. Cool.
    When will the lucky winners be announced?


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