Posted by: sarahmeyers | December 6, 2007

Guy Gets Dumped Via Facebook Status


Yesterday Sandra Soroka, a video blogger at, dumped her boyfriend via her Facebook status message and then “posted the story on and gets her friends to digg it too” said Richard Blakeley. Once the story went viral today she posted a message to her twitter account, alias name action girl, and says that Digg users released their revenge and hacked all her accounts, uploaded kitten pictures to flickr and erased all her pictures. Boinkology broke this story and editor, Lux “actually knows” Sandra so it must not be true. The whole thing, including Valley Wag writing that it was the digg users who hacked her account, is certainly not true. Wired even picked up on it. Jenna Wortham reports her investigation, “the Flickr account wasn’t hacked — but had been staged to look as though it were to halt an ever-increasing barrage of Facebook assaults.” It bothers me that someone’s just straight up lying here.

It happens that I know Sandra and got a phone call from her today. Sandra said, “I closed Facebook, Myspace and Twitter accounts” so no one can contact her and ask questions about the story. “I just want all of this to be over” she continues. It seems to me that the trolls must have come out in the comments making her want to pull the whole story and her own pictures.

She said, “everything that everyone has said about me is not true and you can’t write anything because I’m not saying anything.” The entire thing sounds like a mystery that needs to be solved. I feel sorry for whoever Sandra’s boyfriend was because he didn’t want anything to do with the drama. I hear he lives somewhere in Boston. What would he say?

Media stunts like this one just take a little promotion on Digg to go viral. If Sandra’s got more viral media stunts planned they may beat this one. I’d keep my eye on what this video blogger is doing. To sum it all up this is a major “don’t” in dating 2.0.



  1. Wow. I had no idea all this happened. I’ve had my head buried in CSS code for the past week. I knew about the breakup and even dugg it on digg, but damn.

  2. Wow! It seems like something that was just meant to be a bit fun & games (or really going out to piss off a former significant other) gone awry. Nevertheless, fort. for Sandra, this will passover… Definitely interesting but won’t cause people to go through lonelygirl 15 “what the f__, she’s not a real person” moment.

    But great report work Sarah!

  3. She said, ” […] you can’t write anything because I’m not saying anything.”

    Slick quote her quote to not be quoted. That’s like posting a picture “BRITNEY COVERS PAPARAZZI CAMERA WITH HAND ” and posting a photo of all black since she covered the lens. Doesn’t really add much. How do you know this “Action Girl” anyway?

  4. It’s a gossipy story that’s why I posted that quote. Just letting everyone know she is pretty tight and won’t budge. And your comment makes me laugh out loud because I’m not a paparazzi!

  5. This is a pretty sad way to get people to view your blog. You take a non-story story, why would she call you anyways? That just sounds made-up to drive hits.

  6. She called me after I sent her a text message on twitter before she closed the account.

  7. I’m sure she did… /sarcasm.

  8. It’s because of stories like this that there will always be a difference between bloggers and journalists. Sarah, I’m surprised and disappointed that you would write something like this.

  9. So it looks like you exploited knowing her to write a blog 2 days to late on a story that was never a story to begin with. Even after she says she wanted to be left alone you write something anyways, thats mighty unprofessional, and unethical. Also, ever hear of phishing? 9 times out of 10 they don’t change your password, and there are ways to hack accounts without even knowing the password so your claims that they could not have been hacked is so far from being accurate its insane. Do you actually know ANYTHING about how the internet works?

  10. Se lo merece por meretriz

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