Posted by: sarahmeyers | December 6, 2007

Why Facebook Said Sorry For Beacon


I may have something to do with why Mark Zuckerberg blogged, but this has yet to be confirmed. 🙂 A few days ago he said he hasn’t thought about blogging and hasn’t really done it. He was probably saying, “I blog only when I have to.” We (Facebook users and fans of his) would like to see him blog because it gives us an insight on the inter-workings of Facebook from the star perspective. People want to see a leader with a voice, especially employees. We know he isn’t number one when it comes to public speaking, but from looking at this post I think he and Facebook has come a long way and now they need to make up. There is a lot of work ahead for the company to gain back the trust of the users.

Regardless of the distrust that remains, his blog post has washed the nasty taste out of some user’s mouths as we are able to bite and hold on a little longer. It takes a leader to admit when he is wrong and make up for it and that’s just what Zuck has done.

Robert Scoble and others were asking why Mark Zuckerberg had not blogged about the problems with Facebook’s Beacon. Scoble went as far to say that Zuck should have addressed the people through a video format. With that thinking either Scoble has poor judgement or Mark Zuckerberg all of a sudden became a model.

Beacon has been the subject of berating Facebook users since it’s launch. I heard some say that Zuck was handling bad PR like Steve Jobs has in the past; that he was sticking his head in the sand instead of addressing the people. The complaints coming into Facebook should have been enough for Zuck to have posted this blog post weeks ago. It isn’t too late for him to save face on this one, Wired Epicenter reports, “Zuckerberg apologizes profusely for taking so long to make the requested changes to the system.” And goes on to say “today’s step hasn’t quieted Facebook critics. Jeff Chester, executive director of the Center for Digital Democracy, is still worried about the amount of data Beacon will collect on Facebook users, even if they opt out of the system.”

Let’s just hope that everyone working at Facebook still looks up to Zuck. If you don’t believe in your CEO you might want to consider working somewhere else. Check out this hyped video I made at Facebook’s party right before I moved to NYC. Here is a “blast from the past.”



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