Posted by: sarahmeyers | December 7, 2007

Google Marriage: Larry and Lucy

(Photo by Partric McMullen)

Via Businessweek:

“Billionaire Marriages—Why Get Hitched?” begins Manhattan’s Grinch of marriage, Raoul Felder: “A billionaire has to treat an upcoming marriage as a merger,” he says. “But it’s a merger with a potential enemy.” — and it only gets worse. “Given all of the billionaire marriages that have ended badly, Larry Page may well have a prenup ready before he takes his vows on Dec. 8,” writes Zoe Galland, “but [a prenup is] no guarantee of a satisfactory split if things go south.”

That guy sounds like the Grinch. Larry wouldn’t give Lucy a prenup in a billion years. There are not enough billionaires in the world who actually read Business Week so this message is probably going no where and will have no effect on any billionaire marriages.

Lucy Southworth should be in a commercial for toothpaste and Crest whitening strips. Look at that smile! Their kids are going to be smart and beautiful.

Update: Bill and Hillary Clinton are rumored to be attending wedding. And now I hear that Leonardo DiCaprio and his friend, both of whom I know, are going to be flying in for the marriage.

Update to the Update: The Clinton’s didn’t make it.



  1. You know Leonardo DiCaprio??? Hook me up girl! 😛

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