Posted by: sarahmeyers | December 9, 2007

Apple Fans Geek Out: Store Opening In NYC

(Can you spot me in the picture?)

There was a line back up for this new Apple store opening in NYC. It was freezing cold and snowed partially that day and the people were pouring in from the outside. One block away was a comedy performance, at T-Salon, with die hard Apple fans drinking beer and laughing about their favorite products. It’s called “get sauced comix bar welcomes the apple store” and below advertised, “1/2 price appletinis.” The fans were geeking out at the comedy club holding their iPhones and laptops.

For the opening Apple’s giving away swag like shirts and they even are to be giving away MacBooks, an iPod Touch and an iMac. I didn’t get any swag because I wasn’t about to go wait in line in the freezing cold like those other suckers.

A couple of days later upon entering the building I was greeted by an eager and happy Apple employee wearing the Apple shirt, braided red hair, and a big smile. She said, “Hi welcome to Apple. Have a great day.” There were so many people coming in through the front door all at once that the woman was repeating herself quickly as if she were a marching band cheerleader robot. She was standing in front of the staircase leading to all three floors.

To my dismay, I had to walk up to the second floor to find an iPod Touch and accessories. The only products on the first floor are iMacs and laptops. The third floor is where the children’s computers and games are and the genius bar. The stairway was incredibly packed coming in, but slowed down in density upon my departure.

It seems like the Apple stores are becoming like a product or at least an experience. They all seem to feel the same. Looking back there isn’t anything special about this store. I’ll stick to the one on 5th Ave here in Manhattan.



  1. Giving away free Macbooks?!? WHAT?! That just changed my life. lol I love Apple. I’m getting an iPod Touch for Christmas. ❤ So excited!

  2. I see you! 🙂 Awesomeness.

  3. Hi ILindsay- Just wanted to say I read your blog and thanks for reading mine. We have three things in common: 1. life cast, 2. blog on wordpress and 3. Apple users. I’m going to get an iPod Touch for Xmas too.

  4. so that makes four I guess…

  5. wow me too

    1. Lifecast
    2. My blog is running on wordpress (self hosted)
    3. Apple users

  6. Re-readng … you hit the effectively identifical nature of the Apple stores right on the nose (ouch!,ouch!,ouch!,…). Yes, and the one here in the Research Triangle Park area of NC is like the two you mention. Deliberate strategy, younger son tells me. So I’m off to Durham for the fun of that place and dinner nearby. Merry Podmas to all!

  7. Merry Podmas!

    @Ralph Dagza- Interesting about the life cast part. This I did not know already.

  8. Yea, you show those outside waiters! Every couple of years at work, management kicks around the notion of replacing the laptop with a mac. What happens at the last minute? … new PC. It is still fun to go drool in the apple stores though.

  9. One thing that’s also interesting is that the neighborhood the store moved into is undergoing rapid change, in particular, it’s becoming much more expensive from real-estate to shopping to drinking.

    Just down the block is the Stella McCartney store which moved in early, and many other designer clothing stores, etc. have moved in around the area since. The Meat Packing district which is just to the South is also turning into a much more trendy and upscale locale, even during the day.

    Not that I have a political statement to make here, it’s just interesting to notice the change. The new Apple store will likely have a bigger-than-normal impact on the surrounding businesses.

  10. A building across the street, The Port Authority Building (76 9th Ave) used to have manufacturing. It has elevators than can carry medium sized trucks. It used to have rail service that worked with the barges on the Hudson River, to bring in raw materials. The building is said to be too expensive to knock down, because of the amount of steel and bricks used. Today there’s communications companies and collocation in the space.

    I thought the restaurant on the corner where the new Apple store is now, was a really chic spot (never ate there). The Korean fish & chips shop was my stop when I worked for E-Solutions at 76 9th Ave. My firehouse used to shop at the Western Beef grocery store next door from time to time. It moved 2 blocks north to the middle income housing projects.

    Artists, art galleries & clubs seem to make the scene more livable. Gansevoort Hotel & the new hotel with the West Side sky park area will probably make the meat markets pick up & go somewhere else.

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