Posted by: sarahmeyers | December 20, 2007

PopSnap Take One

Yesterday was the first time I opened up PopSnap from closed alpha so now you can sign up and it doesn’t take my approval to get you in the site. We are in alpha still and figuring out the format of the show. The stories need to be more original too which means I will be doing some investigative reporting of my own. I like where we are going, but think it could be a lot better and more interactive. It’s a daily show tracking the power of technology and business in our own and other’s lives. Today will be a live news show and tomorrow I will be taking you out to go window shopping and see the Christmas displays here in Manhattan.



  1. Reading notecards, not accreditting source of Hannah Montana video, moving graphic at the bottom is distracting, and too much camera movements. Consider this construtive criticism. Also, just say will be back, rather than “this unpaid commercial.”
    Finally, its pronounced: sigh russ (Miley Cyrus).

    PS: What happened to Crackle? (reference to rice krispies…since there’s Snap & Pop)

  2. Story featuring you at valleywag.

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