Posted by: sarahmeyers | December 20, 2007

YouTube Adds Tech Back


YouTube put the Science and Technology section back on the front page of videos. It has been missing prior to today and I am overjoyed they have put the section back into action. Thanks YouTube!

Two weeks ago if you tried to search YouTube videos for Science and Technology nothing close came up as it was near impossible. My beloved category wastaken from my favorite web site. After looking into it I confirmed from a popular broadcaster that YouTube had removed the Technology category called, “Science and Technology,” in their new design of the website.

I watch this category more than any other category, even vlogs, however, most people are not like me. Celebrity culture seems to spark more interest in the YouTube audience than Science and Technology. Thus it gets less interaction and page views than the other categories such as Entertainment. I guess YouTube figured out that even though it less popular it is still important to the whole. With out it something would be missing and Tech is important. I’m happy to see it’s back and I hope it is back to stay. I will be watching this closely and will report on any further changes.



  1. Here are few movies with moments from gypsy’s daily life it’s amazing indeed it’s unreal what is your opinion about their life style please aces the link and say your opinion about them.

  2. […] שרה מאיירס כותבת: “עד לפני שבועיים לא היה ניתן למצוא קטעי וידאו […]

  3. This is good stuff. I haven’t touched on videoblogs yet, but I’m thinking about it. Not as good on the screen as I am on the page. Great blog by the way.

  4. Hi Jarvis, many people want video over text. I try to reach everyone through text, video, and my life cast. Thanks for reading.

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