Posted by: sarahmeyers | December 25, 2007

Web Celeb Christmas Gifts

(Via Julia Allison)

This year someone asked me what I would give people if I were Santa on Christmas. If it could happen for just one night I would make the rounds and spread world peace, but first I would give some geek love. Follow me, with the help of NORAD, as I go to San Francisco and LA because that’s where most of the videobloggers are. Here’s my list:

1. Kevin Rose scores with Julia Allison.

2. Aaron Rowe gets a date with iJustine

3. iJustine gets a date with Steve Jobs.

4. Amanda Congdon gets a videoblog job.

5. Tantek and Ariel Waldman get matching iPhones.

6. Sandra Soroka gets a boyfriend.

7. Perez Hilton gets an apology from YouTube.

8. Nick Douglas gets a girlfriend.

9. Marissa Mayer gets some random play.

10. Miss Teen USA, Caitlin Upton, would like a map so she may know where countries such as the Iraq and South Africa are.


  1. […] Web Celeb Christmas Gifts […]

  2. Garen Fountain

    I never knew that things like that really happen, thanks for your post.

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