Posted by: sarahmeyers | December 26, 2007

PopSnap’s Viral Video 2007

Today on PopSnap TV, a daily Internet news show, I talk about a trend in some viral videos I watched in 2007. Stunts are some times planed or caught on tape, but when uploaded to YouTube they rise up on the charts faster than most topics. The mistakes made on the news or Miss USA contests are always a big hit online because the Internet “counter culture” loves to see when TV messes up. The best kind of viral video is one that is short and easy to download and cut up. These get popular because everyone can contribute to the humor and share their artistic voice by re-mixing a viral video. The classic 2007 example of this is the Dramatic Prarie Dog video that is mixed here. These are the types of videos people send to their friends and pass along via word of mouth.

Queen Elizabeth went viral this month with an old tape of her communicating on Christmas over a live broadcast. The Royal Channel on YouTube is the #2 most subscribed to channel this month. Freedom And Democracy made a video response calling out the irony of a monarchy embracing a democratic society like YouTube. I agree, YouTube is a society that’s democratic and find this all interesting. I’ll be following this channel in the future.

Radio Head will broadcast live on New Years Eve and I’ll be watching before I head out to a party. They will have their life cast on so tune in and maybe you will see me in the chat.

Two days ago a mini van car crashed into a news studio unexpectedly. The news reporter responded by quickly getting up and reporting on the car accident. The reporter looks spooked in this video. This is an uncontrolled occurrence that just happened to be caught on tape. Similarly we have miss teen South Carolina and miss USA whom slipped up on stage. Today on AOL video the crash of Miss USA made the top ten viral video chart for 2007. It’s the most graceful fall I have ever seen, she looks great falling and getting back up.

Another amazing faller is Evel Knievel who falls off of motorcycles after stunts don’t go as planned. He holds the world record for the most broken bones and is one of the most viewed people to have ever appeared on ABC Sports. He gets millions of views on YouTube and died about a month ago.

Firefighters pull a stunt by lifting this car off the ground with the water pressure in their hoses. It’s a funny video, but doesn’t quite top this snow skier who come down this mountain and runs over a sign. OUCH! To top off all the stunts I found a compilation video of bike stunts performed by professionals.


  1. Not “uncontrolled.” The driver crashed intentionally, reportedly because he wanted to “be on the news.”

  2. In the video there it says they have yet to decide if it is an intentional crash.

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