Posted by: sarahmeyers | December 31, 2007

Brad Pitt Ad For Dell Computers

Via PopCrunch. Brad Pitt is taping a television ad for Dell Computers set to air during February’s 2008 Super Bowl. Brad has agreed to shoot the Dell ad and donate his entire salary to the charity U2 rocker Bono’s (Red) Campaign benefiting Africa. Brad Pitt has just done his brand name a huge service making him more valuable to advertisers than ever before.



  1. Unfortunately BRAD PITT will not be in Dell’s Super Bowl commercial featuring Bono’s RED organization. The star of the spot is Hollywood newcomer, CORY ASSINK.

  2. I think i have heard of that guy. Dont blink folks. That guy is gonna be somebody someday. Someday soon. I think. but for now, hes just Cory.

  3. What? $5million wasn’t enough?

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