Posted by: sarahmeyers | January 1, 2008

Times Square NYE and Wii

At Times Square, NYC last night

Picture of me in front of Toys”R”Us (read below for update)

Last night I went out with some other podcasters and video bloggers to celebrate the new year. First we went to a journalism party in Brooklyn at a bar called Camp where I got to mingle with Lux Nightmare and Richard Blakeley from Boinkology . I’m a dork for saying this, but Lux has the coolest emo name I have ever heard and she is dating Bre Pettis who is nominated as one of the sexiest geeks of 2007 via Wired.

Times Square was packed like a can of sardines with 1 million people that showed up. I got there right after the ball dropped and there was still confetti in the air. What a party!

Update: Toys”R”Us has just gone above and beyond the call of corporate greed. In an effort to take advantage of every consumer interested in purchasing the popular Nintendo Wii console, they are offering a bundle consisting of one Nintendo Wii and ten horrible games, all for the low bargain price of $700. In other words, full price.


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