Posted by: sarahmeyers | January 3, 2008

Am I a sexy geek?


I got onto Wired for a submission by my friends. I found out today that my friends over at Tech Crunch are voting for me. Thanks and this is a great way to start the year.

There are fine names of geeks on the list such as Kary Bryon from Mythbusters and Dr. Kara Cooney. I can’t believe I even compare. Thanks to the people who help and support me the most!

PerkettPR, Tech Crunch,, Mogulus, Rocketboom and Gizmodo. I wouldn’t be able to do this with out you.

Happy 2008!

Show me some good game karma please.




  1. Sarah, you are one fine and sexy geek-goddess!!

  2. Ahhhh! Stop! Gizmodo once called me a semi-goddess, but you bump me up to geek-goddess? No way!

  3. I have to agree with Tim. But I’m not being objective off course. (Who only had serious relations with offline girls)

  4. Sarah: beauty and intelligence…..oh my goodness …what a scary combination …all men should be made aware of your status as a beauty queen that posses multiple intelligences along with looks – JA

  5. Sexy is a word that defines attitude. It’s not a look, it’s not a walk, it’s not fashion, what defines it is how you make others feel with your presence….Sexy is defined by SARAH MEYERS She has the moves, she has the words and most of all she knows just when to use the best of what she has… WATCH OUT!…Sara Meyers IS BRINGING SEXY BACK!!!!!!

  6. Sarah, you are beautifull, when i look at you, i see beauty, inteligence, sweetness. I am so lucky to know you. I cant wait to hang out in NYC. Its gonna be so much fun. I voted for you of course !!!

  7. Geek is the new Pink. It’s sexy. Geeks are the leaders of tomorrow.

  8. Arnaud, aww your sweet. I look forward to seeing you in NYC. We are going to make a big stirr in this city. You me and Dori have lots of fun to come.

  9. You go girl!

  10. Thanks Chris

  11. You have my vote!

    PS lovely photo. who took it?

  12. While I don’t think you are too geeky, you certainly are attractive 🙂

    Come do a show on – we need more attractive intellectuals 🙂

    Rock out with your geekdom 🙂

  13. you are totally a geek-goddess. i linked to your site through the Giz, that i read daily, but their opinion doesnt count about beauty, have you seen Lam??

  14. Check one Hott, Sexy Geek for Sarah please!

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