Posted by: sarahmeyers | January 7, 2008

Scobleizer and I Live on CNBC


Robert Scoble and I found each other at the Seagate booth and we are now walking over to go live on CNBC. I don’t have a TV or cable and have no way to capture the video on TV to get it on YouTube. I will be on representing PopSnap and my coverage of CES.

I’m very excited to go on national TV. I have never been on TV before and this time I get to represent my own brand. That’s right, I’m not here this year working for someone else. I’m here for PopSnap TV so I hope you all go there to get the best live coverage. Scoble and I are both broadcasting on Mogulus so please go there to see both our broadcasts.

Follow my updates and coverage on Twitter! As I micro-blog about what is happening here at CES.

Update: We didn’t go live on CNBC. It was actually recorded to tape and will be edited to go live tomorrow at 10pm western time. It was, however, live on PopSnap.

After the interview we all went over to Show Stoppers at the Wynn hotel and casino where I hosted Robert’s Podtech channel with John Furrier for two hours. It was great to see all of the cool products as they launched tonight. My highlight was playing with and “interviewing” the WowWee autonomus robot. I have a weak spot for robots and spent a little extra time on that interview. Other than that, I was delighted to interview Dan Farber and Steven Levy.



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