Posted by: sarahmeyers | January 8, 2008

Girls And Gadgets: N95

I met Naz on the floor of Nokia and was thrilled to have her show me the N95. I am going to get this phone in the next few months because it’s great for my life cast and I can read the chat while I hold the phone. We like the phone and recommend it highly to anyone who is a video blogger.



  1. Sureeee it’s a “proto.” Thats what Gates said about windows 95 crashing too.

    Great reporting.

  2. Personally I find the Nokia, (symbian) UI hard to use. Interesting how Naz had a hard time navigating around the UI. I wouldn’t call that an easy-to-use.

    “It’s a proto” ain’t good enough an excuse..

  3. I just want one because I can life cast and read the chat all by holding one thing that is less than a lb

  4. I want one as much as I want an iPhone, but it’s even more expensive than the iPhone. So I don’t see one in my future anytime soon.

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