Posted by: sarahmeyers | January 9, 2008

3D Zcam Camera

I’m a huge fan of the Wii’s boxing game and I will take on anyone who wants to challenge me to a death match if need be. Today I have found the next best thing. It’s 3DV System’s Zcam that allows you to play the boxing game with your bare hands. You don’t have to hold on to the Wiimote to make sure you win. The Zcam technology involves a 3D camera that senses depth in real time. It allows us gamers to interact like never before!

They camera is on the PC now, but if you wait we may see it on the Xbox soon. (You didn’t hear it from me). It takes a lot of time and diligence to team up with a big dog like Microsoft, but the Zcam is gravitating towards game consoles. The Zcam makes your entire body a controller so that you may immerse yourself in a 3D world like never before.

Zvika Klier, the CEO, says, “we invite content developers to join us in creating a new innovative experience and are very excited by the reaction of the developer community so far.” I would like to see what developers may bring to this cool camera.



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