Posted by: sarahmeyers | January 9, 2008

Ces: iPhone’s Impact on Mobile


Via Kotaku:

(If you click on the link and go to the site you can see a picture of me earlier this year when I had brown hair).

The iPhone is a smash hit. People who were never into high-end electronics are picking them up. Great news for Apple, crap news for the rest of the industry. Says EA mobile division VP Travis Boatman:

…it’s a replacement for someone who had a Razr before. They still want their content but there’s no distribution platform in place so there’s a negative impact on the industry… These devices are capable and powerful. They’ll be great in the long term but it will take some time as people adapt to devices.

Not only that, it will take developers time to adapt as well. Since Apple hasn’t let users download anything they want, the mobile game industry fears iPhone owners might be giving up on mobile gaming. We’re pretty sure though the iPhone has nothing to do with that.



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  2. thx for the info

  3. awww the kotaku commenter’s are too judgmental of you, and apparently your lipstick choices back then. and you mean, “earlier last year when i had brown hair”, i assume.

  4. awwww the Kotaku commenter’s just don’t want to say it on my blog, but yes the lipstick choice wasn’t great. I dyed my hair about four days ago.

  5. Gregory

    Are you sure this is correct?

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