Posted by: sarahmeyers | January 9, 2008

PopSnap: CES at the Sands


(Thanks to Gizmodo for taking the photo)

While shooting for PopSnap I tried on these geeky glasses. They let you see where you are going when walking down the street and view the interface of your cell phone at the same time by projecting the “transparent interface” into your eye balls. It goes directly to your retna so you can watch TV, browse the Internet, check your email and much more.

I have updated PopSnap for today. The 45min show is now live on PopSnap and features a special guest! Jason Chen and Marc Wilson from Giz are in the show for a brief moment.



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  2. Prettycool! Looks like you are having a great time at CES, good for you! Love to see you smiling so much and enjoying yourself.


    Yoda Posse

  3. I’m having the best time in the world! It’s great. Can’t wait for MacWorld

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