Posted by: sarahmeyers | January 13, 2008

YouTube: Video Tag Game

In this video I tell 5 fun facts about me, Sarah Meyers, and tag 5 things.



  1. Sarah, Sounds like fun, how do I play?

  2. This has nothing to with you tube, but Sarah I know you are a Mac Girl you should check out this Macheist. It’s a website that is giving away 10 really cool apps for 50 bucks. Pixelmator sort of a photoshop program and this Snap pro are cool and money goes to charity. Sorry to leave the comment hear didn’t see an email address.


  3. @MVD- easy, just upload a video response on and tag 5 things you follow or watch on YouTube.

    You can upload the video to YouTube as a response video or just participate in the game with out uploading a response video.

    Say 5 things about you and 5 tags.

  4. @dizzl- no problem, it’s

  5. […] allysonrt: […]

  6. You dating Eric Eldon totally made this video. 🙂

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