Posted by: sarahmeyers | January 16, 2008

MacWorld 2008, Sarah Meyers and MacBook Air

Thank you to Adrian at Gizmodo for the rad interview!



  1. Bloggers Speak: MacBook Air

    While the dust settles on Macworld 2008, I scoped the blogsphere to see what the reactions were to the MacBook Air and here is what I found.

    “…MacBook Air is quite simple the most beautiful personal computer ever made.” Shel Israel,…

  2. This is a great video Sarah, but honestly could you please stop profiling Gizmodo?

    What are you a Gizmodo fan blog?

  3. Yeah, I agree. I have had Giz on here a lot since I was at Ces. Who should I start linking to more now? Engadget?

  4. I like Engadget and see you read them daily from your twitter and your blog. They are so much better than Gizmodo.

  5. I agree. Gizmodo seems to have gotten out of control. I cannot get myself to think of Gizmodo of covering events seriously. (I’ve not based my opinion on the CES fiasco. The XBOX swag bag was another mess too).

    Engadget has improved a lot during the last two years and have for sure superseded Gizmodo in the quality department.

    Would be nice if you could stop linking to Gizmodo or Jason alltogether.

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