Posted by: sarahmeyers | January 17, 2008

Apple Love: Sarah’s Hands on MacBook Air and iPhone

Today’s PopSnap will go live at 12:30pm WST. In this show I tell you about MacWorld and the Crunchies going on Friday in San Francisco. I’m loving the bay area on this trip and will be sad when I have to head back to Manhattan next week. From Ces to MacWorld to the Crunchies the best thing I have seen is the MacBook Air. I’m falling in love with it!

I’m thinking about buying one. Are you going to get one?

Or an iPhone?



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  3. iPhone, I have. But MacBook Air… so sexy and class. This new baby is very expensive in Europe, but it may be that I buy one soon (with SSD, of course). It’s really a jewel, and my customer will appreciate 🙂

  4. Hey Lester, I have an iPhone too and it’s beyond sexy. I hate how Apple products are too expensive outside the US market. I suppose you could travel to the US and buy one. The money you will save by purchasing in the US could help make up for part of your plane ticket. I was reading an article in Time Out New York that says people are traveling from Europe here and shopping like crazy because they save so much money.

  5. I don’t know it’s cool, but I think a macbook you run CS3 and Final Cut i don’t know on that Mac air, and 3000 for the Air with a Flash Drive 64. Hmm I could get a Mac Pro and LCD Monitor (not a mac one), or a Macbook Pro and another Macbook for 3000… Then again it’s Dam Sexy, but to each his own… I just wish it was around 1100 bucks, and I would eat that up.

  6. My question is about the Flash Drive 64 SSD. Does it come as an addition to the 80GB hard drive or is it something you buy as an either or situation where you either get one or the other?

  7. Either one or the other. Not both
    It’s sad, I agree, but it’s like boyfriend/girfriend, you must choose one.
    In France, MBA Model with 64Go SSD -> $4.210 (2868 €)
    glooooops °oO°

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  9. MacBook Air looks lovely, but in the UK the price is way higher than its dollar equivalent. It’s slow – almost as slow as my old Mini, and it lacks a few basics like upgradeable RAM, more than 1 USB port, & an ethernet port. I couldn’t be bothered with them frankly. If I got one, I’d have to fill my laptop case with the missing pieces, like a USB hub, a USB to ethernet adaptor, a decent mouse… I think I’ll stick with my 2.4GHz MacBook Pro on the road. It truly does have everything I need.

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