Posted by: sarahmeyers | January 21, 2008

Crunchie Videos

Thanks to the community! See TechCrunch’s videos of the event here.

Uncov calls me vapid in this video. Ha! What do you think? Tell me in the comments.

I like what Toni has to say starting off the video, but when everyone watched it on the big screen at the Crunchies no one laughed when he made a joke about Mike Arrington being smart. I’m surprised by this because when Arrington watched it on his own he laughed.

This video got the whole crowd laughing, thanks to John Biggs.

Nova Spivack from twine stole the show.



  1. When it’s obvious that you are reading the script, people are going to think you look vapid. Can’t be helped.

  2. @Montoya- that’s the point. I wasn’t reading a script.

  3. Vapid – don’t think so. Are your video interviews / presenting slots unscripted/unrehearsed, as he says?
    Playing devil’s advocate here:
    Live, unscripted interviews / presentations require a lot of confidence to carry off without seeming unpolished, amateurish or like the presenter/interviewer doesn’t care much about the subject matter. Maybe he’s seeing that as vapidity?
    I see that as actually quite gutsy, as pretty much anything can happen, and I think you’ll get slicker at it as you gain experience. It’s good.

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  5. Hey Matt, I agree that it is better to be confident in interviews. I have one coming up on the next blog post for where I interview people at the Crunchies. It was so fun because everyone was there.

  6. Honestly, Sarah, I don’t know why you even pay attention to this press. It’s clear that Uncov does not like your approach where you talk to the camera because it makes it look like you are reading like most tech reporters do when they look at the camera. It is just giving you press that’s actually pretty good considering the quality of video isn’t at all bad.

  7. I remember when you used to do your party crasher videos and get all the drunk CEOs to say funny things about their compaines. Why don’t you do that again instead of the news desk tech girl?

  8. @MVD- I agree that I like going out and interviewing people in the city, at parties and events and it does make for better content.

    🙂 Just like Party Crashers 🙂

  9. @FTWBears, she was great in that show, but what was up with that ugly white wig. Or was is silver? I can’t tell.

  10. Practice and work harder.
    I like the video of John Biggs and your videos, but this was the highlight of the crunchies:

  11. i think you were just overly enthusiastic, almost satiric. it’s hard to say a few words in between a bunch of people being purposefully smart. i wouldn’t worry about it, he said he was going to quit anyway. 😉

  12. Angela, ha! That may be true and I love how you are there to comment on my blog and on TechCrunch so thanks for that.

    It’s a bummer that he is going to quit, if that’s true, I actually like him and Uncov too. I just wish they would update more.

  13. I think that he just doesn’t like smart, pretty girls since he has something against Leah Culver as well. Now that I think about it, he seems really pissed off at everyone so I wouldnt take it personally.
    You did fine.

  14. Yep, I agree with Jacob: keep it up, you’re doing great.

  15. Thanks for posting these. You did a great job on them and your video segments (the ones with you in them) were good — don’t listen to what anyone says. Frankly your critics are probably just a bunch of middle-aged nerds who are giving you flack because basically they are angry that they could never get a date with a hottie like you! Don’t let the losers get you down. Just keep doing your thing.

  16. What timezone is WordPress in? Where in the world is it 10PM when its 6PM in Brooklyn?

  17. @Jacob, I have been traveling a lot recently and have not changed my time zone. I’m going to do that now so the comments are in New York time.

    @Nova, thanks for your support.

  18. Your latest PopSnap rocks btw 🙂 You really went in there with gusto, loads of energy. Fantastic!

  19. Hey Matt, thanks. I’m glad you like it. I tried to get as many start up elevator pitches a possible. I have made some great Tech Crunch elevator pitches in the past.

  20. PopSnap rocks, but I think you could do a little better with the editing. There were many sound level problems or parts of the videos where the buzz noise in the background was loud and annoying.

    Considering you do this all on your own we can expect a few glitches. Get your stuff distributed better too. Where can I find PopSnap on iTunes?

  21. @Nova Spivack- I would date Sarah.

    You should raffle off a date on your blog. It would make you more popular.

  22. You do unscripted better than most, so I don’t see the point. However, I do question short clip interviews with boring business people who are trying to make money with their endless parade of forgettable products. Why not instead do a solid 20-minute interview with Kathy Griffin and Woz together? That would be fun. Or talk with Kurzweil about his Reader for the Blind.

  23. Nice suggestions Bhob. If anyone else has story suggestions email me:

  24. vapid, not sure.
    “what about consumers and community?” – good god. cheesy and annoying i would say. fail.

  25. You can be funny when you want to be. Great set of videos, Sarah.

  26. Almost on a par with the Tom Cruise video. K2.0W!

  27. @tricky dick- what do you mean?

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