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PopSnap: Crunchie Party Update by Sarah Meyers


This is the PopSnap TV roundup blog for Today’s episode. Happy MLK day everyone!

This is what the video is all about and who it features in no particular order:

Natali Del Conte arrived in NYC to stay and work for Cnet TV. She closes today’s PopSnap show with a cute Britney Spears smile and talks about Kongregate, her favorite startup that allows you to play free games online.

Eve Phillips talks about her stealthy startup that will launch this week (probably on TechCrunch). She describes Chirp Interactive as a screen saver, called the chirp screen, that allows you to know what your friends are doing all the time. It pulls in data from all your social networking sites and displays them for you on your screen saver. It can pull in pictures, statuses, updates, and all the live content you can think of.

It was neat to meet Manuel Monroy of iPling, a social network around the iPhone, because I first heard about Manuel last week when he set up a scavenger hunt game at MacWorld where participants could win prizes, like an iPod touch, by searching for them with tags via SMS on their iPhones.

Rachel Sterne from Ground Report, a news site that shares revenues with it’s reporters was there video blogging for Mogulus. At the top right corner of this post is Max Hoat, the Mogulus CEO, interviewing me at the after party. If you click on the image you will see that I am wearing a tiara. Ha!

Both Erick Schonfeld and I were surprised iMedix won best new Startup. It makes sense because they are out of Israel and not networked into the Silicon Valley competitive scene. When Dan Farber Interviewed Erik on stage he asked him the first question. He asked Erick what he’s most surprised about and Erik almost gave away that iMedix won before their award had been given out.

I had a nice chat with Kevin Rose and Mark Zuckerberg who won Best user-generated content site. Both Kevin and Mark Zuckerberg stuck around for the glamor shots by Zivity. Above the video there is a picture of Kevin Rose.

Cyan Banister gives her point of view about the negative feedback from the press regarding her provocative pictures on Zivity. She say’s the press can say what they want because negative press does not bother her.

MC Hammer was so nice to do the interview with me twice. The first time we tried recording and it didn’t go through. The second time was a charm. He’s letting everyone know about DanceJam– a great way to waste time. Mike Arrington is one of the investors and say’s MC Hammer is going to make a lot of money off of it. Joel B Sacks did the honor of recording the interview twice because the first time it didn’t record. Read more about the incident here.

Thanks to everyone else who made this video possible:
Erick at TechCrunch
MC Hammer of DanceJam
Natali Del Conte
Ariel Waldman
Joel B Sacks

That’s a wrap! Tune in tomorrow at 12pm WT for the next PopSnap show.




  1. 5 Stars

  2. Yep – that’s the one. You definitely seem to do better as a roving reporter / gatecrasher. 🙂

    Am I the only one who thought Cyan looked hot in those photos on Zivity?

  3. Hi Matt, no you are not the only one. Just look at the comments on Tech Crunch. She does get a lot of criticism for it though. Does this video qualify me as a “roving reporter?”

  4. Thanks for the wonderful video. You rock!! I loved Ariel’s comment. There does need to be more women at these events. I saw quite a few, but more == better.

  5. Yeah, I guess – what I mean is, as FTWBears said on the last post, you seem more natural when you’re talking with the interviewees rather than doing the anchorperson type of thing where you had to do the links between items back at the studio. It’s because you’re engaged in a real life, real-time conversation with them instead of having to react as if in real time to something you’ve probably already seen – and it’s hard to edit it just right so the transition between the news items & the reaction/link back at the studio is seamless & has a natural kind of timing to it.

  6. I agree. you are better at live stuff. However, you will only get better as a studio reporter so stop worrying already.

  7. Seconded! As said before – you’re doing great. 🙂

  8. Thanks Jacob. My goal is to have a solid news show (at the desk) daily that everyone leaves saying, “that’s a great show.

    @Cyan, thanks for your honesty in the video. It was a nice sound bite. Women: more, more, more!

  9. @Matt Moran, when she talks in real life with these people you get to see her face come alive where it’s believable that she is really excited. When we watch her talk to the camera it doesn’t seem as engaging because the editing isn’t right on or we like to see the interaction. I think it’s the live interaction with others that makes it the most entertaining because we not only get to see Sarah’s reactions, but other’s too.

  10. Fantastic smile in the photo!

  11. @FTWBears – true, but also with the editing on some of the earlier stuff there’s a bit of a gap between the end of the item & Sarah’s reaction to it in the link – which looks kind of “Oh… it’s ended… I’m on??!”… and then she starts the link. That’s just a matter of fine-tuning the editing so that you get rid of that gap & make the timing more natural so the flow’s not broken. Plus when you’re reacting to something you already know about there isn’t quite the same spontaneity – any surprise at the previous item has to be faked by necessity, so doesn’t have that genuine feel that you get with an unscripted real-time conversation: you have to basically act.

    BTW Sarah – I’m not being critical of you here; it’s basically a truism that applies with all news broadcasts where the anchorperson knows what the content of the news item is, particularly the ending part of the item, when recording a link back in the studio. You’ll get slicker at this as you go on: I can actually see this between one popsnap edition & another. So don’t sweat it, you’re doing great. 🙂

  12. I like your video. Lot’s of good information. Great post.

  13. Sarah, I has been fun watching you become such a STAR. Great job!

  14. Sarah does her show on Mogulus, a platform for broadcasters to get their shows live on a whim. It’s made so that you edit live and the transitions get cut off at the wrong time. Over all this hurts how fluent the clip is presented in the end. I have spent some time on Mogulus and don’t like how the technology cuts out on my computer. At least the audio doesn’t cut out.

  15. Sarah does her show on Mogulus, a platform for broadcasters to get their shows live on a whim. It’s made so that you edit live and the transitions get cut off at the wrong time. Over all this hurts how fluent the clip is presented in the end. I have spent some time on Mogulus and don’t like how the technology cuts out on my computer. At least the audio doesn’t cut out.

  16. @FTWBears – Ah, that does explain a lot. How do the various video hosting services compare I wonder?

  17. Matt,

    As far as live video goes check out for the best shows. They curate content around a programming schedule so you can always find out about upcoming shows.

    There are far more options to video outside of live video streaming. offers a lot of ways to display your video on your site so I suggest you check them out too.

  18. Thanks – will do. I had a go with Mogulus earlier & found it very tricky to use for live recording. I think I’d do better to record & edit it all offline, say with iMovie, & then upload a finished product. It’s a nice idea, but there’s too many things to think of to do it live – especially from my webcam 🙂

  19. […] Update: Sarah Meyers posted links to the video clips from the ceremony, and has a good post on the after party. […]

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