Posted by: sarahmeyers | January 23, 2008

Free Speech on Facebook and YouTube

There is a lesson to be learned about the gap between generations and technology. A student is protesting free speech in Burke over a protest to a snow day, a YouTube video and his Facebook profile. The student, Dave Kori, uploaded a message from the school board to his Facebook and YouTube. The message recording spread all over YouTube and Facebook, made national news and protests the student’s rights. They claim free speech in defense of the young man’s First Amendment rights. The student, Dave Kori, called the Cheif operating officer on the school board, Dean Tistadt first. Tistadt called back and left a voice mail.

The “cell phone” generation knows the risk of a recording, but clearly other generations don’t. Tistadt left an irate voice mail saying, “snotty-nosed little brats,” and “get over it kid, and go to school.” Kori posted the recording online to a Facebook profile he created titled, “Let them know what you think about schools not being cancelled,” and left the Coo’s home phone number. I doubt this case will go to court, but it shows you a generational divide. The older school board officer didn’t think his message would be posted online. Things like YouTube probably never crossed his mind. Whereas someone of “the cell phone generation” would think twice before leaving a voice recording.

Free speech is YouTube and Facebook. It starts with a subject you feel passionate about. Contributing content in forums, comments, newsletters and profiles around democracy are essential to the movement of the overall message. Facebook and YouTube are places young people go to and have a voice. Tistadt is suffering from the YouTube video and Facebook profile around the event. From the nonstop calls coming in it must be hard and I actually feel sorry for him. He has been attacked by “the raiders” infiltrating his inbox and calling his home. It goes to show that in todays day and age you have to be more careful about your information because it’s public information.

Thank you Bhob Stewart for tipping this story.



  1. Remember what happened to Alec Baldwin?
    Sadly, people in other countries dont have these sorts of freedom. A 23 year old Afghani journalism student has been sentenced to death becuase he printed off of the internet papers supposedly critical of Islam. Follow the link for the whole story.

  2. devastating.

  3. Citizen journalism is too risky and what’s to stop these stories from creeping into the US news?

  4. I think the student went too far by posting the Coo’s phone number all over the Internet. I am sure he was upset and that is why he did it. However, it is still free speech.

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  6. It wasn’t Tistadt that called back-it was his wife (apparently bloggers don’t check facts before putting their two cents in). I don’t blame the woman one bit-I would have loved to put that snotty kid in his place. The big picture here is about respect-not free speech, and the sooner this tech friendly generation learns that the better.

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  8. @Carrie, I was really close, but now I understand why his wife got so upset. It doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but the Internet will get in the way of privacy more as technology develops.

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  10. bloggers bloggers bloggers

  11. […] in terms of etiquette and good manners by posting the recording to YouTube? Probably, but as others have pointed out, this is more of a generational gap than anything. Plus it’s hilarious when it’s not […]

  12. free speech is very important….even to the fault of some getting hurt due to the exercise of that right as is the case with Dean Tistadt. The reason is because there are lot of people who are just waiting to use it as an excuse to demote and relegate the what I believe is the most crucial of human right – Right to Free Speech.

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