Posted by: sarahmeyers | January 24, 2008

Video of Richard Branson- SpaceShipTwo

I just interviewed Richard Branson for PopSnap because of an article I read today in TechCrunch about Virgin Galactic. Disclosure: PopSnap is sponsored by Perkett PR and TechCrunch and I check in on Tech Crunch daily. Today, I’m glad I did because I got to meet Richard Branson who jetted his way to the Natural History Museum in Manhattan to unveil the SpaceShipTwo. The security was padded in three layers to get in to see the SpaceShipTwo and this was a non-press event. I wasn’t allowed to go upstairs to see it. I could only wait by the door to get interviews with some lawyers, travel agents, and other attendies. More video will come out on tomorrow’s PopSnap. For now here is a trailer with Richard Branson. Virgin Galactica would be amazing and I want to be one of the first to go.

More coverage of the event from when I shot it live via web cam search in my archives by clicking search archives and entering 4:30pm and 6:00pm ET.



  1. great job catching RB at the door! This clip is rather short, can’t wait to see the entire interview 🙂

  2. Holy Crap! You actually met Branson! Very cool.
    I hear he is a ladys man, did he hit on you?

  3. I recommend reading his autobiography — Losing My Virginity. He has been a hard worker since he was a kid.

  4. Nice one Sarah! I heard the Ozborne family bought the first tickets on the first flight so they can go visit their relatives on Mars.

  5. Do you think they are going to make you take lessons or test runs before sending you out there? Some one will get sick and blow floating puke all over the cabin. When this happens everyone will wish they never went.

  6. Where is Branson and Gore’s 25 million going for best solution to climate change? Is this where it’s going? No. I would expect more from him by now.

  7. @FTWBears- What have you ever started?

    I love Richard Branson!

  8. @Wayatt Song- I’m going to have the rest of it live on soon.

  9. ok, I’m in. Now where do I go to get my tickets?

  10. I’m not sure where to get the tickets, but I have more coverage coming to you guys tomorrow and the next day and I will blog about it all as soon as I find out.

  11. Wow – Richard Branson… That was quite something, getting him to talk to camera with zero notice like that. One of my colleagues had to deal with him a bit some years ago – she told me Branson *never* forgets a name or a face.

  12. Actually Steve Jobs could take a page out of Branson’s book: instead of brushing aside bloggers (like Violet Blue) at MacWorld, he could react like Branson & give a charming little soundbite on what he’s doing. CEOs are as much the public face of a company as the people at the coalface – more so because they’re in the media more. Branson’s *always* got something good to say – he’s always selling himself and the Virgin brand, any chance he gets.

  13. Sarah – You’re really getting better with each video. As Branson would say “Smashing”. Two of my ‘heros’ .. The late Malcolm Forbes and Branson. Totally cool guys … Thanks.

  14. You continue to blow me away. Keep being a good reporter!

  15. Take me to space with you! I want to go to space.

  16. Oh and @ Matt Moran- Steve Jobs was so mean when he called Violet Blue rude at MacWorld!

    Branson wouldn’t do that to the bloggers!

  17. @MattMoran, wow. I’m lucky if I ever get to meet him again!

    @tyfn, I’ll check out “Losing My Virginity.”

  18. […] a little accessorization, hair work, and sunglasses, Richard Branson (see video below, found via Sarah Meyers) could go out for Hallowe’en as a perfect Dog the Bounty Hunter (LGT GIS, dog pic below vid). […]

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  20. Richard Branson is such a legend!!!

    I just found a site the other day that gives his book away for free. I read it and it is amazing. He is such a role model for aspiring entreprenuers.

    I suggest others grab the free book from the site I found – Wealth Creation Professionals –


    Peter D

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