Posted by: sarahmeyers | January 29, 2008

Eating Poison Fish

Here is today’s PopSnap show.



  1. Forget mercury, I’m freaked out about parasites like worms (I heard too many urban legends about 6 foot worms extracted from intestinal tracts). Thats why I only eat the California rolls.

  2. Yea, what about bacteria? That’s worse than mercury right?

  3. I won’t be eating sushi any time soon.

  4. I eat sushi whenever I can get it, but then, I could stand to lose a few pounds of flab to a worm… Never had fugu yet though.

  5. @Matt: Fugu is the stuff that kills you, right?

  6. Yeah – or rather, every bit of a certain organ has to be removed *or* it kills you. Fugu chefs are thus pretty highly paid in Japan…

  7. Nice photo of a man losing his hair….

    Now I will defintely NOT eat sushi!!

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