Posted by: sarahmeyers | February 1, 2008

Unusual Vending Machines

You may have seen vending machines for iPods and other electronics in shopping malls or airports. Zoom Systems is a vending machine company that targets high end shoppers with products like JLo’s newest perfume or Sony and Apple products. It makes the experience shorter because the lines are shorter and you don’t have to deal with sales people. The new machines are aimed at attracting young shoppers. To get a closer look I located the closets machine and headed out there to film it.

Watch this video to see me showing you some of the most unusual vending machines in Manhattan and Japan.

A traveling photographer took the pictures of Japanese vending machines. I could only show you a few in the video, but if you click here and go to his website you may see the rest of his bizarre and unusual collection.

Something I didn’t include in the video because of timing is the pot vending machines. Time is reporting that the cost of pot will go down for people who buy their prescription drugs. These machines will only be released in California.

sarah_subway.jpg I took the subway all over Manhattan and into Brooklyn to film today’s PopSnap show. It was worth it.



  1. I think the iPod vending machines are by far the strangest thing I have seen in a very long time. Do you really think they do well?

  2. I don’t think they do as well as most people think, but I know they are doing well enough. Its scalable so the more you have the more you make with little cost to grow.

  3. I hear people will be able to get medicine faster with vending machines and that they won’t have to go to the pharmacy to pick up their prescription drugs.

  4. It’s not the kind of business I would invest in.

  5. Great video!

  6. I didn’t see any beer machines??? If they are going to have pot machines maybe they can make it legal….

  7. The old Horn & Hardarts closed down in the 60s and comes back as Bamnfood in the 2000s…plus ca change…

  8. I whould love a “Caipirinha” vendor machine in Brasil 🙂


    scroll down on the page to see the best beer machines around! They even have hard alcohol vending machines, check it out.

  10. Microsoft should think in this direction. Forget Yahoo! they should buy vending machines. More, more, more!

  11. ROFL I checked out the PhotoMann link and they have everything from beer machines to porn machines.

  12. I recently documented a crazy vending machine for ProActive in the Minneapolis airport… PROACTIVE! Why on earth would someone (and multiple people as a vending machine implies) need to grab some Proactive on the go?! Wierd.

  13. @Kris I don’t see the appeal of grabbing proactive on the go, but I do know it’s a faster solution. I have seen those vending machines a lot, but what’s more unusual is pot vending machines!

  14. @Sarah, what’s your favorite machine?

  15. Sarah,
    Did you tast any of the food?

  16. I wonder what they have in Amsterdan in those vending machines…..:)

  17. @Rob, My favorite is the ipod vending machine. What’s yours?

    @MVD, I did have a grilled cheese from Bamn and it was pretty good!

    @fredrodrigues, they only have them in California. Can you believe it?

  18. @dizil, it would be perfect to have a beer vending machine in the states.

  19. I believe in you Sarah, California is cool!! 🙂

  20. I’m getting my tickets to California this month and will look out for the vending machines. In case I happen to come across one I will make a video of it for PopSnap.

  21. That´s cool Sarah!!Thanks for the interaction.

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