Posted by: sarahmeyers | February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday Live with Qik and Mogulus

Update: Schlomo Rabinowitz and Jackson West will be there too.

It’s Super Tuesday! You know what that means ladies and gentlemen: time to get your vote on. If your still having a hard time deciding who to vote for then tune into the best coverage of the event on Mogulus and Qik today to decide. The two live video streaming companies have released a feature today into beta and already hundreds of broadcasters are using it.

For example, The Uptake is a cool news and commentary show that’s using the new feature live on Mogulus and Qik today and covering Super Tuesday in Massachusetts. Finally, any live streamer, like me, can use their cell phone to stream video to Qik and Mogulus at the same time.

Amazing! This is all enabled by AT&T’s 3G network on my Nokia N95 and the best part is I can read the chat from my mobile while I’m live out and about. That’s something I have been wanting for six months! My favorite part is both the Mogulus and Qik chats are integrating so that both communities may be present at the same time and participate in the conversation. What more could broadcasters want? (Well, I could go for a Dell/Google phone that does all this on EDGE and WiFi too, just kidding, that doesn’t exist).

Mogulus allows your live shows to play in a loop after you are finished recording. When you go live the pre-recorded show get’s interrupted by the live show that’s simultaneously streaming to Qik and Mogulus at the same time. Today Steve Garfield is streaming and chatting on both platforms and streaming live reports for the popular live show, The UpTake.

Here is a diagram showing how it will work:

To find out when the stream goes live follow Steve’s twitter stream for announcements. Video of the event will then go up on Seesmic where a discussion around the videos may take place.

You guys remember this video of me broadcasting?

From looking at my set up in the video and then realizing I can do all this from my cell phone I can say that my life has just become a whole lot easier. Other broadcasters like Robert Scoble, who streamed live at CES with Mogulus and Qik, agrees it’s easy. It’s so easy that no you can do it too. You don’t have to carry around a laptop anymore like I do in the video. Can you believe that the technology in this video, published in November, is already dated? Forget that clunky laptop Justin.TV uses, I’m going with this technology. Incredible!



  1. Is that the New 8g N95?? So you have that phone and an Iphone??

  2. I’m waiting for one to arrive at my door step! So excited about it yea.

    and yes, dizil, i do also have an iphone. Do you?

  3. Yup I do.. I actually won it from Engadget when they were giving one away.. It was awesome… Though that N95 i don’t know looks like it can do twice as much as the iphone.. I’d like to see the iphone SDK if people can make applications then it might compete with the N95… Though no 3G or 5 megapixel camera

  4. Maybe you can do a Review of the N95 when you get it?? See how it matches up with other phones and features and i’d love to know if it sync’s up with a mac.. That is something i like with the iphone…

  5. Hey Sarah!

    Thanks for the shout out!

    Your readers can check out my Super Tuesday coverage over here:


  6. your devotion on what you do is quite inspiring, seeing you carry all that equipments around all over the place is quite a motivation for me to stop complaining about the weight of my own camera!

  7. @Wyatt Song, Stop complaining!!! ROFL!!! j/k you can complain all you want. I do it too, but once my Nokia 95 arrives I wont have to carry around anything. yea.

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