Posted by: sarahmeyers | February 8, 2008

Yahoo Live Launches


Yahoo launched today. I’ve been anticipating it’s launch for a while thinking there are too many live video platforms; nevertheless I joined and had a bit of fun. I turned on my web cam and right away had 20 people in the room. That number quickly grew to 200 and then leveled off at 100. Though I like the video effects, The chat needs some work. You can’t even click on urls people provide in the chat. People started to spam the chat and then my browser crashed so I stopped.

If you want more live action of me today come watch PopSnap on Mogulus live at 3pm EST/12pm WST.

Check out Steve Garfield’s webcast blog post about his broadcast on Yahoo!



  1. That was fun!

  2. The service is still very much in its infancy and has been down at times. Since the website is already telling that there are 2134+ people watching 89+ live channels, its understood that there is quite a bit of load on it very quickly.

  3. Sarah

    I watched your Y!Live session for a while…

    … you have good screen presence & handled all the flack professionally (ignored most of it).

    Y!Live is an interesting concept!

    I agree that it needs some work– here are a few ideas that come to mind:

    — Some way for the content originator (you, in this case) to post/display text messages, urls, etc. that are displayed in a persistent area– not lost in the scrolling chats. Your blog URL and popsnap URL are examples of this

    — Displayed by something in addition to Flash, so it can be viewed on iPhone & Touch.

    — a way to ban or boot anonymous guests from posting… maybe help eliminate some of the “I’m 8 years old, and just discovered sex” posts. But,maybe this will take care of itself as the newness wears off.

    — Maybe, an option for limited-access “Live Rooms” where participants register and login as a member of a group. maybe allow multiple participants ala iChat.

    It will be interesting to see how this “Live Broadcast” content plays out vis-a-vis PodCasts and streamed/downloadable prerecorded content.

  4. Had no idea you were so popular, lol.

  5. was fun seeing you there, i had a good time.

  6. @Dick Applebaum, thanks I was starting to think I didn’t handle that very well. I woke up with a huge amount of energy (unusual since I have been out of health for the past week) and heard launched so before even brushing my teeth I had to test it out.

    It’s a new/different audience that I didn’t expect. I think the way I handled the “raiders” worked because at the end there wasn’t any more spam. Chat control is serious and people need to take that into consideration before launching a website. I need mods.

    If anyone wants to mod for me let me know!

    I think that live video is the way to go, but once YouTube steps in Yahoo will have big competition.

  7. It was fun, but I don’t know how they are going to dominate lifecasting. It seems like has already gotten their hand on that one even though not everyone lifecasts 24/7.

    They seem to be all over the place.

  8. Looking forward to your show today. I would say that Microsoft didn’t know Yahoo was going to launch Yahoo live because they offered to buy

  9. If Microsoft buys Yahoo and Ustream they will just merge the brand to be all Yahoo!

  10. Your Yahoo! Live session was interesting and nicely ad libbed. 🙂

    The main concern I had with Y! Live was with the chat “feature”. There should be some way of moderating it, but someone who’s actively broadcasting won’t probably be able to actively kick and ban people as they are spewing out naive comments. I hope Yahoo are able to find some sort of a smart solution to the whole thing, ’cause it was irritating to see people misusing font sizes and graciously showing their limited vocabulary.

    Applebaum has got many good points. Separate chat window for the broadcaster is a must and some recording possibilities would be nice to have. (Imagine something like catching a baby’s first words on Yahoo Live and then not being able to save it for the future! *sigh*)

    Hopefully, Yahoo will be fixing these issues in the near future or it might end up killing the concept way before it has gotten air under it’s wings.

    But it was fun noticing how you managed to unintentionally overload the chat function on the first broadcasting session. I would like to see the amount of comments that came a-flying at that time. Must have been, what, 500 000 messages in a few seconds time? 😀

  11. Hey Sarah, your PopSnap tech news show was amazing today. Now that’s the kind of thing you need to get on

  12. I had fun doing a live ‘show’ this morning too and had the same experience.

    You can moderate the people in the chat room, by right clicking on their names, but they need to add a feature where you can add co-moderators.

    Fun times.

  13. @Steve garfield, I read that you had a spam overload in the chat today too when you did you broadcast.

    I wasn’t doing a show this morning. I believe @Shelly is referring to

    I have been in chats with 200 people where it does not go that fast and in rooms with the same amount where it moves fast as lightening. You can’t even read anything.

    It’s a pain to mod the chat when they keep coming back with different names. Usually after a few kicks they do go away, but who wants to kick anyway? I’d rather stop and come back later.

  14. @Steve garfield, I mean *when you did your broadcast.

    Also, I linked to your blog post above so now everyones got to go check it out. 🙂

  15. I can see the laptops of the future all including a web cam that is built in so one can have a quick live stream. It would be a great way to make connections with people for either business or pleasure. Wow, looks like the phone of the future is going to be a laptop!

  16. Cool!

  17. @MVD You’re on the right track, ‘cept the laptop of the future is going to be a (i)Phone or other WMD.

  18. So what’s it going to be:, Mogulus or Live.Yahoo? Just tell me what you plan to do so that I can watch you!

  19. Big news for Lifecasters!

  20. @Steve700 I’ll be on every Friday at 9pm for a cool new show with From Paris. I’ll be on Mogulus every Friday at 3pm and I have not figured out a schedule for the other sites like Qik and Live.Yahoo!

  21. @Sarah sounds like you are going to be livecasting from several sites and times. How can I catch all your shows at a latter time; I will have trouble making all these times? Is Pop17 going to be a site that we can link to all your broadcasts?

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