Posted by: sarahmeyers | February 11, 2008

Is PopSnap in the Deadpool Already?

popsnaplogo.pngI have been getting a lot of emails and messages from people asking me if PopSnap TV is headed to the dead pool. You may ask this because the site is currently closed. The answer is no.

PopSnap is how I branded my alpha release of the daily show. Alpha is what a lot of companies use to describe the early development stage of their start-up. Seesmic, like PopSnap, launched in alpha only giving out a limited amount of invites and is a great example of what it’s like to be a start-up in alpha.

I’m working hard and long hours to produce content for the show and you can expect to see it starting on the 18th of February. That’s in one week! The launch will include a new site design, better content, more videos, live interaction, and a new name. I’m looking forward to the launch and encourage everyone to go to PopSnap and fill out your email so that you may receive updates and an alert an hour before the site goes live.

PopSnap will revert back to the PR site it was originally before I made it a video site. It will list PopSnap PR and marketing services instead of being the home of the show. The new home for PopSnap TV will be Looking forward to it!


  1. Look forward to it Sarah…ull never be in the deadpool 🙂

  2. Looking forward to it 🙂

  3. @Dan Schawbel, let’s hope not!

  4. Rock on Sarah!

  5. Awesome.

  6. Sounds great!
    FYI: 18th is President’s day and a day off for us corporate types.

  7. I remember watch Sarah when she first got on Justin T.V she had problems with a Paypal thing on her site. Then her car died, and then she needed a laptop a Mac of course. Now she has reappeared as a blonde, but prefer the other style. Now she’s got this company and review gadgets and traveling.
    Really cool to seem someone get successful and change and all that good stuff NICE Job Sarah

    Look Forward to the N95 video’s or actually I think they have a new one already lol technology who can keep up….

  8. […] wants to know why it’s not live today like I said it would be. I’m taking 7 more days to teaspoon the site and find a design solution. Above are the two […]

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