Posted by: sarahmeyers | February 12, 2008

Twitter to WordPress and now Tumblr

I just started a new blog on Tumblr! Not that I’ll be the next Phillip Torrone or anything, but I think it’s pretty safe to say I’m becoming a prolific blogger. I started blogging almost a year ago and was involved in video blogging a couple years before that. Actually, I started my account on Twitter before I started blogging on WordPress because my good friend, Tantek, helped me set up the account. Over the past year blogging I have learned about the bloggers conversations and why it’s important to engage in order to generate an audience. Breaking into blogging takes other bloggers linking to you and including you in their conversations. It takes getting to know bloggers in real life. Plus, if your content isn’t hot no one cares to talk about you or with you.

(Photo credit: Vertustech on the best photoshopped images)

Even hot people blog these days. I bet the two models above are bloggers.

Natali Portman video blogs! What more to Star Wars geeks want?

Here are some celebrities who blog: Serena Williams, David Beckham, Audrina Patridge, Lilly Allen and Emma Bunton.

Micro-blogging sites like Pownce, Jaiku and Twitter have generated more interest, from a larger and wider audience in blogging short and easy messages to their friends. I see models and actresses blogging all the time now. Blogging is all about engagement with your audience around relevant content. Weather you are on Twitter, WordPress or Tumblr finding blogs you like and commenting on them will engage the other bloggers in the conversations. You will find blogging about fresh and hot content will make others want to engage with you more.

I can’t believe I have been blogging daily for a year! Starting out I read a lot of tech bloggers whom I would interview at parties and events. It was incestuous because I only followed other bloggers in the San Francisco Bay Area on Twitter. Spreading out to WordPress from Twitter introduced me to a handful of blogs, on the fastest growing WordPress blog list, that I enjoy reading today. By joining a blogging platform you are also joining a community so it’s important to engage in comments on your own blog and on others blogs on your blogging platform.

Yesterday I joined the Tumblr community by setting up a new blog called Pop17. I have found it incredibly fast to publish. Conversations that take place between the bloggers on Tumblr make it like a cross between Twitter and WordPress. If you are on Tumblr and WordPress let me know what platform you like better in the comments. You can subscribe to the Tubmblr RSS too. Disclaimer: I’m not going to leave WordPress for Tumblr.

So far my twitter blog consists of a new company launch, fish experiments in outerspace, the Sony Ericsson’s new interface, and the best photoshopped images on Digg.

Blogs: give me more, more, more!



  1. It is very difficult to follow you, wordpress, Tubmblr, youtub, mogulus…

    You are a multiplateform user, hard to follow…

  2. I learned about your new tumblr by your tweet yesterday, so I’m already following you there.

    I’m surprised you’re blogging only since a year, though videoblogging is just another way to do the same thing, I think.

    I’ve also been blogging for an year on wordpress [Italian] and since the end of 2007 I started a tumblr in English [linked above], because I would have tried to better understand how the blogosphere was working abroad.

    I think that you, are really lucky to live and blog from S.F. Bay, where you can meet in person so many interesting bloggers.

  3. Will you link your Tumblr to

    I tend to see people starting with blogs and then branching out to Twitter, etc.

  4. @Arno will find out that on Monday the 18th of this month I am launching that will integrate all my _______!

    @Markingegno I’ll follow you on Tumblr! I love it when bloggers read my blog and comment too!

    Thanks guys!

    @Dan Schawbel, I will put that in Thanks! I guess I’m the opposite. I twittered before blogging. 🙂

  5. blogs!

  6. “Whoever has the most blogs, wins.”

    I resisted twitter for the longest, simply because I am starting to feel overextended with so many outlets… from flickr to myspace to livejournal, which I consider my home since I’ve been blogging there since 2001, I am not enthused by “more.” I will need some serious convincing to go with tumblr.

    Really, the problem is that the amount of time you need to reach people is maximized, while the number you reach isn’t necessarily, especially when you have people following you on multi systems. So some friends read your facebook and your twitter and your blog… some only see one of those, and you have to repost stuff to all of them if you want all of your contacts to see certain stuff. I mean, you don’t follow my twitter, so that’s one example of what I’m talking about!

    As a writer, I find it more annoying that these systems are “making blogging easier.” Really, time IS a finite pie. There really is only so much time anyone has to devote to this, and if everyone is blogging, where’s the time to read and/or write your own. Aren’t we getting all getting overloaded?

    And really it’s the celeb culture that seems to be driving everything… when Brian Williams and Katie Couric are blogging… I have to say this is overkill. And really, are they actually saying anything worth reading, or is it just another marketing tool to help support their TV programs?

    I should post about this myself, so I’ll shut up now and go back to my own LJ!

  7. I’m beginning to think I should revamp my old homepage (no, don’t look – it’s been transferred from one machine to the other & the php doesn’t work right thanks to a bad upgrade – I’ll rip it up & start again, as the song says) so it brings together my facebook, myspace, twitter, blogger, livejournal, flickr, picasa, orkut, linkedin, etc, etc pages in one place. I’m torn between a straight links page and some kind of aggregator that takes the last post on any given one & turns it into an item on the page.

  8. ooh a model shout out! i’ll happily accept my “model who blogs” title, but to be honest i’m more of a “geeky blogger that happens to model on occasion”. that’s where the “mostly” comes in. i find that saying mostly after personal labels can get you out of really defining yourself.

    good luck with the tumblr. it is a very easy platform to get your posts out quick. the only thing i don’t like about tumblr is that you can’t comment on posts which is my favourite aspect of blogging.

    your about photo is one of my all-time favourite profile pictures. lovely!

  9. Sarah, I’m checking out your Tumblr blog and it looks clean, but I do agree with @Lisa Bettany because the comments are important. Why don’t you have comments there?

    I want to comment on your genius photograph taken at the record store:

  10. Blog blog blog :/

  11. @Penpusher, I can’t believe I was not following you sooner. I’m sorry about that, but now I am following your permanently on twitter so I look forward to your tweets and engaging in the conversation with you there! I find that the less time I spend on articles the more popular they get. For example, the novelty Transformers Optimus Prime Video I did in two hours. It now has a bit of a cult following…

    When I launch on the 18th you will see I have pulled in RSS from everywhere I am on the net. So basically you will just have to go to one place to get everything.

    @Lisa Bettany, I like the one photo of you modeling th glasses. Looks professional! I need to hack tumblr for comments. See:

  12. Thanks for posting that blog post. Just commented over there.

    Looking forward to your Tumblr hack.

  13. Hi Sarah.

    I’m a bit of a part-time twitterer and have been checking your progress for some time now from there.
    I can’t believe the time and energy you find to do all the things you do. Whatever success comes your way, you certainly deserve it.

    You have a very engaging manner which spans the generation gaps I think. Particularly your tongue-in-cheek sense of humour.

    There’s a ‘Britishness’ about you, even though you speak with an American accent. (Hope that’s not an insult).

    Keep up the good work,


  14. Thanks for being in so many places.. it makes it so much easier to follow you.

  15. @bookmarketer, thanks so much for you comment. It seems like everyone else thinks it makes it more hard to follow me. 🙂

  16. @Pete Moring, funny you say that I have British humor because I don’t ever get British jokes. I have a “slap stick” humor, I think.

    You are right: it takes so much energy to do this!

  17. We all love Sarah Meyers.

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  20. thanks

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