Posted by: sarahmeyers | February 13, 2008

LP Portrait Flickr Art

That’s me wearing glasses. Do you like my look? If you like this picture then you have to watch this video:

(video credit: Rocketboom)

I took this picture of Andrew Baron:

Just go to Flickr and do a search on LP portrait.

This woman did a great job setting up the background and matching her outfit. I ❤ bjork too!



  1. I like this one:

    101/365 - LP Face

  2. I like the photos. A lovely way to pass the time.

  3. Was that you walking across the shot right at the end of the rocketboom film?

  4. Brilliant video! The music goes along with the video so well that the quality is something missing from most places these days.

  5. @Matt Moran, you would think it’s me, because of the blonde hair, but since it’s Rocketboom it’s actually the lovely Joanne Colan.

    @bookmarketer, it’s my favorite way to pass time. Try it some time you will see how the time flies.

  6. Those are really cool. I might be stuck on Flickr for the next hour…

    These are my favorites so far:
    101/365 To Russell, My Brother, Whom I Slept With
    Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison

  7. @Dan, this one makes me LOL!

  8. Sarah, tell me you love this one. I can’t believe how he did it so well.

    Michael Jackson - Thriller

  9. How fun and creative.

  10. Did you just pull your previous blog post about Google?

  11. Great blog!

  12. these were some fun pictures! I’ve seen the type before, but I still fell completely in love with the bjork photo! (too bad she had to flip out of her senses with that interviewer at the airport.. she really changed my mind about her 😦 )

  13. @Kpriss I had no idea about bjork, but all the big stars are hitting their fans recently!

  14. Hi, nice post. I couldn’t understand some parts of the article but it sounds interesting..
    Continue writing…

  15. […] many of you know, I’m a fan and active participant in LP portraits and often participate in the fun […]

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