Posted by: sarahmeyers | February 15, 2008

Baldwin, The Perez Hilton Hater

I filmed this video the other night while at the Street Sessions snowboarding competition. Billy Baldwin was spotted using a porta-potty after the show at Union Square in Manhattan when I ran over to capture the excitement. Though I don’t agree, he says, “Perez Hilton sucks!” Perez is known for his celebrity gossip blog posts where he usually says bad things about them. However, after searching the queen of media’s blog I couldn’t find anything negative he has ever said about Billy Baldwin or the Baldwin family. Why the grudge?

Update: It’s Stephen Baldwin. That’s what I initially thought after looking him up on Wikipedia. He has an awful Wikipedia entry picture. He’s got a gig on the popular TV show The Apprentice which has recently put Stephen Baldwin in center stage with Alec and Billy on the side. I don’t ever write about mainstream celebrities on this blog and I don’t plan to be an authority on mainstream celebrities like Britney Spears (thank God!)



  1. Perhaps he meant that compared to you Perez Hitlon sucks. Of course, everyone sucks compared to SM 😉

  2. @DavidA Yeah, perhaps, but he doesn’t even know what is because it hasn’t launched yet. lol.

  3. That’s a cool video. Billy Baldwin?!? I gots me a feelin’ that Sarah and is gonna be doin’ reeeeal well if this keeps up!

  4. Way to go!

  5. Hey Sarah that was pretty funny. Looking forward to more!

  6. that is stephen baldwin, not billy!!!

  7. @josh facade that’s what I thought, but everyone else said Billy. I guess the principal of social profs doesnt work. I should know this after studying psychology!

  8. updated!

  9. I got the impression that he was a little high at the time. What do you think? And how could you forget to ask him about the apprentice?!

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