Posted by: sarahmeyers | February 18, 2008

The Launch of My New Website


I have been getting emails, chats messages from my lifecast, SMS messages, voicemails on my new Grand Central number (it gets forwarded to my real number btw so call me at 646-867-0681), and comments on my blog about the launch of what you all know of as the alpha run of PopSnap.

Everyone wants to know why it’s not live today like I said it would be. I’m taking 7 more days to teaspoon the site and find a design solution. Above are the two logos others have made for me so far. I don’t think either of them are professional enough to use for the launch. I need something that has the comic feeling to it yet looks professional and serious on a business card.

I can’t launch the site today with the new design how it currently is. I’m searching for a good site designer and have a few more people to contact and ask about it. Thus, I have to spend the next week “tea spooning” the sugar to make sure it’s perfect. I promise it will be worth it and you will not be disappointed. For this week please follow me on Twitter for the announcement of when I lifecast, check in on my other blog, hang out with me on Facebook, and sign up at PopSnap so you can get a sneak peek at Pop17 before I go live. By doing so you will know what Pop17 is before anyone else.



  1. I am glad you’re enjoying Grand Central. Have you tried out Digsby yet?

  2. Hey! Can’t wait to see ur new site!

    How do you get a grand central number?

  3. Jacob1915, haven’t tried Digsby yet. Liking Grand Central though!

  4. You are going to get so many calls to your phone.

  5. I checked out the site today, as I have requested an alpha, and I noticed that it was not launched.

    I don’t know how much I can help but chat with me on AIM or gmail and I will see if I can help you out.

    Looking forward to next Monday when I, and the general public can see it. 😉


  6. I’ve used They are cheap and pretty fast.

    I’ll keep an eye on Twitter 😉

  7. Thanks Dennis, I’ll look into that.

  8. i know the feeling Sarah! You need to have good product before luanch.

  9. the more options the better. try to get everyone you can working for you and take the best of the best.

  10. Rudy Jahchan’s brother Dany does some great-looking comic artwork. You should contact him!

  11. @Rick Rey, I’ll look into contacting him today! Thanks!

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