Posted by: sarahmeyers | February 20, 2008

XKCD comic on Internet arguments

I can relate to this comic because too often I waste hours of time arguing with strangers on the Internet. Live chats are the most time consuming. My new goal is to stop this bad habit. If you catch me doing will you please remind me about this comic?



  1. That depends on whether I’m winning or losing the argument 😉

  2. Bob, I probably wouldn’t argue with you. If you see me getting into it with someone else just tell me. If you don’t want to be obvious just use code name “comic” and I’ll remember. 🙂

  3. Watch out. One of these days all your commenters are going to start a fight with you.

  4. Ok. be nice y’all.

  5. The way I see it, arguing with “eccentrics” online is like arguing with a barrel of drunken monkeys. Who do Speed. My point is why do you bother arguing to begin with?

  6. @Jacob1915, ‘cuz they’re wrong!

    j/k. I rarely enter a conversation. My experience has also been that arguing goes nowhere fast, especially on-line.

    However, I can get dragged into a lengthy conversation with someone who’s fascinating in some way, either positively or negatively.

    Sometimes it’s like watching a wreck. “Is that really how you think? Do you want to admit that to me?”

    Sometimes it’s like a jar of candy. “Is that really how you think? Tell me more!”

    You are all invited to “call comic” on me, too. I think Sarah’s on to something.

  7. Dont get me wrong, I love talking to people online. I love to read and submit to forums, leave comments, etc. But when people say something negative about stuff: “Netflix movie rentals SUCK!!!”, the most I would do is ask them what their bandwidth is, not why they are dooky heads.

  8. feeling kinda like this right now 😦

  9. Give it about ten years and you may (sometimes painful) think back to when people said “pick your battles”… I hate it when Luddites are right 😉

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