Posted by: sarahmeyers | February 26, 2008

Pop17 Launches

I’m proud to announce that today I have launched my show. It’s called Pop17 because I read a story on Digg that says 17 is the most popular number. I wanted to find something memorable so I took out the Snap and put in the 17. It’s a show people can go to who are looking to find out about micro-celebrities of the Internet. If you have any interest in the new phenomenon then check it out and engage in the conversation, in the comments, where we will explore the topic of internet fame in depth.

Today has been a big success. My video is on NewTeeVee and TechCrunch !

Not only did I have a nice response from the blogs, but I also had a fantastic response on Twitter. I really appreciate your feedback there and am trying to reply to everyone’s questions.

I’m not going to be blogging here anymore as I need to put all my blogging effort into the Pop17 blog. So you will have to go over there now!



  1. […] SARAH MEYERS created an interesting post today on Pop17 LaunchesHere’s a short outline […]

  2. Sarah, the entire site over there looks great!

  3. […] Sarah explains the difference between PopSnap and Pop17 on her blog. “It’s called Pop17 because I read a story on Digg that says 17 is the most popular […]

  4. Thank you sooo much!

  5. excellent first show!!

  6. I read about you on Gawker. Nice new site.

  7. Your internet famo is going up. The site looks great.


  8. Great job on the new site Sarah and congrats on the exposure and buzz!

  9. Awesome!!!! Keep on doing the great work Sarah! From JTV/ustream to pop snap to Pop17, whichever endeavor you’re working on, we’ll continue to support ya!


  10. Mogulus and Flixwagon are where I’m currently streaming for pop17. Thanks for being there for pop17!

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