Posted by: sarahmeyers | February 29, 2008

Live Today and I’m on Qik with My New N95

I shot this video to show you guys my new lifecast. It’s going to be loads of fun so come chat with me soon. I’ll be syndicating to Seesmic and Mogulus too and am looking forward to the micro-lifecasts. I’ll also be including bits and pieces into my live Pop17 shows that happen every Friday.

I hope you guys show up for the live show today on Pop17! It’s going to be a lot of fun in the chat as I have a terrific group of chatters and bloggers joining in on today’s show. It goes live at 3pm ET so don’t miss out!

I’ll be showing off a couple new gadgets and have some other surprises planned for the show. I’ll also be announcing the winner of the T-Shirt contest in todays episode.



  1. That is really cool.. So is the N95 an Iphone killer lol. Are you on an ATT network or Tmobile using the N95?? Very cool gadget have fun with it!!!!

  2. Congrats on the phone! I’ve had my N95 for about a week and I absolutely love it.

    @Dizil ATT in the US for the N95-3 is the only way to go. T-Mobile doesn’t have the fast 3g data network. I can stream live video on qik over 3g, and it looks fantastic. You need one too Dizil 🙂 Everybody’s doing it, isn’t that reason enough?

  3. Hi, Sarah. I’m from Brazil and I didn’t know you till I saw the link about You Tube to launch Live Videos in 2008.
    I just want to say that you have a really nice way to captivate people with your words and you have a simple and pure way to conduct your speech. I enjoyed it a lot. Success for you!

  4. @ Jeremy Thanks, where did you purchase? Are there lots of cool apps for it. How much is a monthly charge i pay 60 bucks for my iphone a month. Does Flash work on the N95 Web. Sorry lots of questions. thanks

  5. Very, Very Cool Website! Clean Interface! Professional! Also the show looks amazing! I just wished you talked about electronics and technology news rather than just e-celebrities. I think you visited peroosal. It shows up as New york, New york. Peroosal is still under a lot work since we have moved almost all resources to building a much better online encyclopedia to rival wikipedia. so far we have 100,000 articles yay! anyway can’t wait to see ur show today! UR the best!

  6. I loved your show today!

  7. @peroosal yes I did check you guys out, member? I talked about my N95 today. Does that count? Ill be discussing platforms too!

  8. Cool! Yes I member. LOL 🙂 Awesome show!

  9. @Dizil – N95 is definitely an iPhone killer in all but capacity & UI. The functionality & quality thereof, of the N95, towers above that of the iPhone.
    5Mpix camera with flash/illumination
    Built in GPS Satnav
    3G, GPRS & HSCSD for data *as well as* WiFi
    PDA functionality
    Voice dialling
    Gmail app for S60 Symbian OS
    Java VM
    Nokia Lifeblogger for blogging your multimedia creations.
    There’s pretty much nothing the iPhone does that the N95 doesn’t do, & the N95 does a few other things besides. I’ve had mine 6 months & wouldn’t swap it for anything out at the mo. Oh and it costs a heck of a lot less than an iPhone.

  10. Cool Thanks Matt, Though cost I’ve seen N95 for like 600 and 700 dollars, maybe I’m looking in the wrong places. Thanks for the great info…

  11. Hi Sarah!

    I’ve got an N95 too, so if you need some help with it please let me know (I have many apps uswell to share with you). You’ve got my email, so you can write me whenever you like.

    Another thing I want to tell you is: your’re really cute 🙂

    Ale from Argentina.

  12. Great show! There were 80 people watching live and now when you go back there is 20-30 people watching your re-runs. Way to go. You are getting more popular every week.

  13. I have to watch the re-runs as you’re 5 hours away in timezone terms. I’m likely to be asleep when they go live.

  14. good show sarah! I was wondering what type of camera and microphone do you use? I am trying to find one here in Canada, but it seems very difficult. If you can help that would be great.

  15. […] February 29th, 2008 Live Today and I’m on Qik with My New N95  Email This […]

  16. wow u look top class in photo , but i wonder why u went for n95 as it already outdated, you should have used n95 8gb which is much better that n95 in many aspects, but let me how do you transfer n95 videos from phone to a laptop as nokia software sucks on vista

  17. Watch Qik mobile live videos on your cell phone!

    It’s much greater to not only film Qik videos with your mobile phone, but to also watch them there. Qik is planning to stream Realvideo to mobile handests anytime soon. But I can see the videos already today on my Nokia, by mashing up Qik and dailyme…

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