Posted by: sarahmeyers | March 4, 2008

Office Party with Pop17


Microsoft had an awesome party last night and I went to cover it for Pop17! [Click here] to watch the video there. It was hard not to notice that there were a lot of models, but I didn’t see anyone famous like Steve Ballmer. It’s ok, I liked what I got because I did meet some TV producers, writers and actors because Microsoft is demonstrating Workspace with them and their projects at HBO.

The party was held to celebrate the new Office Live Workspace. It’s kinda like a wiki where people collaborate on their projects.

Sarah Perez breaks down the collaboration angle and describes how it’s even better than a wiki:

“In Google Docs, collaborators have the ability to work on files together, in-real time. Ten people may edit and/or view a document or presentation at any given time. Fifty people can edit a spreadsheet at the same time.

Although Office Live Workspace allows for collaboration, it’s not real-time, online collaboration. Instead, if one user is editing a file, another will be informed the file is “checked out.” When they finish editing and save their changes the document is checked back in for other users to access.”




  1. I am going to envision the follow-up “Enterprise” version for businesses. It will require a few beefer servers to run, with Exchange, ActiveDirectory & IIS, Sharepoint Services, Groove, and now Workspaces. Typically Windows admins stick these all on separate boxes.

    Clap clap for efficiencies here Microsoft. Truly.

    Nice work on the video though. Did you meet up with the cast of Entourage? I heard that they were there.

  2. Yes, Sarah wrote about that on and it eve got on the front page of TechMeme! Way to go!

  3. where does microsoft get the money to have an “awesome party”. not fair. i had to stay home and watch infomercials…


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