Posted by: sarahmeyers | March 15, 2008

Digital Entertainment We Love

Who get’s more entertainment from traditional means like the TV or movies than on the Internet? I’d like to know because I entertain myself on my iphone and macbook pro. The video was filmed in the back seat of a taxi car on my way to film Pop17 at a conference.

I attended the Digital Hollywood Media Summit conference here in New York City yesterday and interviewed some leading industry professionals for Pop17. You may watch the video I made at Pop17 where I not only have the video available in flash, but also in wmv, mov, m4v, and 3gp. If you are reading this on RSS I promise you can watch the video where ever you are by going here.

FYI: I’m working on getting distributed on YouTube and iTunes at the moment.

Thanks for all the awesome feedback from this video so far. I’ll be updating your responses in this blog post so why don’t you tell me your response in the comments.

This is the types of Entertainment We Love:

Hi Sarah,

I would like to say that I 500% agree with you. Since I have a wifi connection and my macbook, I did not watch tv anymore. Internet is incredible universe, with so much information. I am a information addict but my job cannot offer me so much time to be online 25 hours a day…

I think that Internet change our life and is open an new universe and it is just the beginning. I am exciting to discover the internet future, great opportunities.

Continue pop17, great and sometimes I post your video on my French blog.


Thanks for embedding my videos on your French blog! I use the 3g network to surf mobile because EDGE on my iphone is so slow. Sometimes I’ll browse on EDGE, but mostly just to comment on Pop17 and other blogs.


Hi Sarah,

I’m not sure I really love the Internet but I do spend a LOT of time on it.
I’m curious why you want to be emailed by random viewers like me. I’ve
noticed before that you asked for email and it intrigues me. Do people
respond by email at all?



Random viewers like you are the ones that make everything I do online worth it. It’s a lot of work to write back to emails, but I find it a great way to interact and participate with my audience. Thanks for watching!!!!


Hi Sarah its MacBookGuy91 here yes i love the internet i spend most
of my time on the internet. I do watch a few movies and when i go to
bed i have the tv on all night but i am a sleep so i guess my physical
mind is not watching it but like my body or something is watching it
because someone turns off that tv and i wake up a bit later. But to
answer your question yes i love the internet theirs so much to do i
learn so much and there lots of stuff on it but its not all good it
depends what you do. Well the most use from my macbook is the Internet,
but i still do other fun stuff on my computer. I am still planning on
getting a MacBook Air. Have a great day.


  1. I think distributing your content as far as you can possible get (i.e. YouTube, iTunes) is a very smart thing to do. You already are widely popular with a certain niche and I think its time to open the floodgates to people outside the Tech Crunch influence. I’m not suggesting you change any of your content, but rather see who else could be interested in your brand of content. You’ll be surprised at what you get.

  2. @Boring Market, YouTube and iTunes are a huge audience I haven’t tapped and I am excited to see what happens with that!

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  6. Sarah,

    I don’t even have cable because I prefer getting my entertainment from the internet.


  7. @Tommy, I don’t even have a TV. Though I would like to buy one to play guitar hero and the wii. 😦

  8. The screens can be a little too small on the iphone or cell phones.

  9. I know I watch TV, specifically LOST, on my laptop via Peroosal TV. (shameless plug) LOL 🙂

  10. @Peroosal, plug away. Do you go on hulu or joost?

  11. Get better distribution. Your website will never give you enough views and you have to be a YouTube personality to get enough flash views. Have you thought about getting Pop17 on TV?

  12. @sarah, HAHA Hulu or Joost? I use Peroosal TV…yeah that’s actually a feature if you click on the TV button. It will improve over time. The reason I don’t like Joost is that it is a downloadable program like iTunes. Cloud computing is the way to go.

  13. @Peroosal, I get forwarded to… why? I thought it was supposed to be like wikipedia?

  14. @sarah. What Google Video? there is no way you get forwarded to google video.

    We also have an encyclopedia on the site but its under construction. Peroosal is basically multiple services in one. It will have/has email, tv, news, finance, health, games, encyclopedia, map, travel, and a store to compete with amazon. So its not just an encyclopedia.

    OOooooh you clicked on the videos text under the search. ur supposed to click the TV icon LOL 🙂 Awww u must be working really hard. That videos text link to google video is a way to search the web for videos sine we are partnering with google. It makes sense to have them do wha they do best, which is search.

  15. Wow! Weird. I clicked something to go there, but checking out your link I see you have all the top names like CNN. How did you do it?

  16. That’s @Peroosal btw

  17. @FTW. LOL 🙂 It’s a secret. and its only going to get better. 🙂

  18. Hey Peroosal, You do have all the top brands. Tell me tell me tell me!!! Please?

  19. That or come join my sales team at Pop17!

  20. LOL! Sarah that’s sooooooo cute!

  21. Re: Peroosal… Oh my goodness. Somebody makes a website with a bunch of links and people are going goo goo gaa gaa over it. The site is built using Yahoo! SiteBuilder for heaven’s sake! And I’m pretty sure linking to Google, and using Google’s Custom Site Search ( doesn’t exactly count for “partnering with Google.”

    By the way, your “Psychology” link at is spelled Might come back to bite you when you do set up a page that says “Welcome to the Psychology Department.”

    On a different vein, I am sick and tired of apostrophe abuse on the internet. Why, why, why do you think you need an apostrophe in “gets” when you say “Who get’s more entertainment….” at the beginning of your post?

    I think I’m going to barf.

  22. To A T. LOL. The sitebuilder in the code is an inside joke. Second, we are in the process of paying Google to create licensed version for our site like other sites have. We known that code of site search is terrible. Third, we haven’t been working on the university for a long time. LOL. It shows! LOL! That’s because it really isn’t something that we want to profit from so we will work on it later. We have been working heavily in an encyclopedia that competes against wikipedia and it has unobtrusive ads. You can complain all you want but it’s creating a net profit and has grown with time. Patience. We are not trying to be an overnight success. In fact, we never received VC money and so far have done better than other websites who have failed. Finally, calm down. You’re complaining about apostrophes. Seriously that is hilarious! LOL! So where’s a link to your website A T?

  23. lol. you guys…

  24. lol i know this is so funny. fighting on your comment section. you’re big time now. LOL 🙂

  25. Oh yeah do you know “A T” Sarah?

  26. it’s hard to know what you mean by “know” like around the Internet or do I have a personal relationship with A T?

  27. if you had met him/her.

  28. Very interesting… always great to see what other people are thinking. Differing opinions is what makes this life so interesting. Check out my website to see my views on things

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