Posted by: sarahmeyers | April 19, 2008

In Prague LP Portrait Art

(Image via Andrew Baron)
I’m in Prague right now acting like the classic tourist. It’s been a great adventure so far. This is me on top of a mountain looking over the city.

This LP cover is from an record store Andrew and I came across today. I felt like rocking out as Beethoven and I did so to speak. As many of you know, I’m a fan and active member of LP portraits on flickr and often participate in the fun.

(I’m reposting this LP video so you can see for yourself if you have not already).

Next stop: London. Wish me luck in Europe!


  1. If you come in Belgium, let me know ! Enjoy your trip in Europe 🙂

  2. Ok. I won’t be there on this trip, but would love to go. I have been all over France and know Spain well. I have been to Germany a couple times and this is my first time to eastern Europe.

    I really want to go to Greece. Athens and the island of Capri would be great.

  3. Very nice city. If you want to go to Strasbourg capital of Europe, let me know.
    After Prague, going to London a great contrast.

    Enjoy your trip in Europe Sarah

  4. Prague is amazing. Today was absolutely magical. I’m excited for London tomorrow.

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