Posted by: sarahaustin | November 14, 2008

I Joined The Real Time Matrix

Since Pop17‘s launch, the show has grown to gain more attention on social networks and hardware devices. Quickly, the Pop17 brand equity drew in sponsors and fans whom support the show and make it possible.

Rocketboom and Mogulus helped Pop17 get off the ground and I couldn’t be more thankful for their support in the past. For a while now, Rocketboom and Pop17 have been going separate ways and officially cut ties in recent times. I was a fan of Rocketboom in 2005 and will always remain a big supporter.

It’s a lot of work to run your own show and even with the support of Mogulus today I’ve been looking for the right company to help on the business side.
Michael Arrington showed me WebbAlert, in 2007, and said, “you should do that.” With my spare time I created Pop17 and TechCrunch became my first sponsor. PerkettPR and VirginAmerica followed. About three months ago Heather Harde, TechCrunch’s CEO, advised me to partner up with a company like Federated Media to do ad sales. At that time, I was focused on school and production so I had little time for sales. I took Heather’s advice and began talking to different companies interested in helping support the show. I found a symbiotic relationship.
I’m happy to announce that I am now the Social Media Advisor for the Real Time Matrix company. Real Time Matrix is a content network that has sponsored Pop17 from time to time in the past. They will be helping me with web development, ad sales, distribution and video production support. I’m excited to be part of a new media service company that works with major brands like The Examiner, Social Media Today, Hayden Black, Perez Hilton, Star Pulse and Major League Soccer. What’s great about RTM is they provide me with measurable and usable tools I can use to sell more sponsorships and maximize my reach. You can expect more shows launching early next year.


  1. Sarah, way to kick butt. Congrats on all your success and I look forward to the future. This should spread the Sarah/Pop17 brands even further 🙂

  2. Very happy for you. You deserve it!

  3. Thank you Vinvin!

  4. Congrats! I just spoke with Shawn from RTM a few days ago. Cool people. Glad everything is going well. I second VinVin – You deserve it.

  5. Sarah is an unusual talent in a new landscape of exceptional producers and artists emerging on the Web. Her advice and involvement with RTM will benefit all of us with new Social Network applications and media campaigns that we are planning together. We are grateful to have her “officially” on our team and look forward to promoting the Pop17 brand and future productions that she will bring into the world.

  6. Thank you

  7. Congratulations Sarah,

    I hope that you will continue your blog and you videoblog.

  8. Hey Sarah,

    Congrats on the good news 🙂

  9. woop woop! Excellent news Sarah. Can’t wait to see more stuff from you!

  10. Sarah – it has been such a pleasure getting to know you and watch your growing success. You are an inspiration in so many ways and we are honored to be a sponsor.

    Keep up the fantastic work and congratulations!

    Christine Perkett
    President & Founder, PerkettPR
    Twitter: @missusP and @PerkettPR

  11. Congrats Sarah!

  12. What?

    I don’t get no props for introing you to the Virgins?

    Ever living, ever fearful, Rastaman Vibrations.

    Let’s hang in Amsterdam.

    Coming to Paris?

  13. Hi Christine, thank you. I am so happy to have you.

  14. Sarah, I simply heart you. (Wanna see you personally but it wont happen.) *sighs*

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