Posted by: sarahaustin | December 27, 2008

Lifecasting Poem

Video monster what do you see?
Is there a future nectar rapture?
The current landscape picture capture


VCR recordings of family holiday

The past reflections
reverberated present distilles sweet dew drops
Still, they wait, on a red wheelbarrow
The round water specks glisten under the sun
like the lights of Times Square on New Years Eve
As the morning sun burns the mist away I find it hard to forget the video star in the night
Swollen video out of sight
Like a bedtime monster causing fright

How do I escape?

Learn from the camera eye lense
We have come far together, old friends
These times we need each other
To lend a helping hand
The value of a friend
Mother’s hands to guide my way
Through the sinuous roads, rocky mountains and ocean horizon
Hide sharks and snakes
The nest of the mist
Echos fog horns
Mother, stay close and guide my transient escape


  1. Wow, that’s good. You are more talented than I thought. What was your major in at University? Have a happy new year!

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