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I host a daily tech show at PopSnap.

Here is a little expository writing on why I’m geeky:

Woz is a good role model to many young people like me. I read iWoz and was blown away by how much of what was in the book I am experiencing in my life as I open new doors and make new discoveries. When reading chapter 10, My Big Idea, I found out that we both got our ideas because we were involved in a club that brings different people from various backgrounds together because we have something in common- our computers and our productivity. He talks about the Homebrew Computer Club in 1975 as a group of people fascinated with technology and the things it can do. He said the Homebrew Club was mostly young people who were engineers and envisioned the computer as something that would lead to social justice. It sounds like he is describing the computer club I am part of- Super Happy Dev House.

I started attending Supper Happy Dev House last year because I wanted to meet other people who are just as fascinated with technology as I am. It’s a place where young people collaborate to get our work done and do it together. It was started by my  new friend David Weekly, founder of PB Wiki, in the spirit to bring back the Homebrew Computer Club in Silicon Valley. The club consists of mostly males, although the number of females is growing, and everyone seems to be either an engineer or a designer. At Super Happy Dev House we are driven to create because we want to help humanity and empower people. Just as every member to Super Happy Dev House comes from a different background, we come together for a common purpose. That’s what we want to do for others- we want to enable them to come together for a common purpose to help humanity. We see different parts of technology as different elements that come together to create a key that will unlock a door that will change the world.



  1. saw you on IILWY, and followed links
    At the moment working on a new beta online game as well
    so looking in the future for networked people to invite and test
    let me know if you are interested
    Thanks in advance

    Scott Davis
    Creative Director and operations

  2. Sarah,

    So good to see you again at SHDH18. As I mentioned to you, I was really encouraged and inspired to see this on the About section of your blog; it’s things like this that really keep us DevHouse organizers going. Thanks for continuing to contribute your amazing energy.


  3. David,

    Thank you for hosting SHDH18! I love Dev House and I can’t wait for the next one at Tom’s house.

    See you,


  4. hey where can i buy that beer pouring godzilla?!

  5. Sarah will you still be in NYC Weds/Thurs for a podcast interview?

  6. Hi Sarah,

    Hope you raise enough money to work on your project.

  7. hey sarah! i’m trying to find an email contact for you. help!

  8. Patricia, email me Sarah at Sarah Meyers dot net

  9. Hi Sarah,

    i would really like we have such clubs in Europe, but i don’t think any exist. Sometimes i see Europe (except maybe UK/Ireland) like a big dinosaur waiting for ideas to emerge from anywhere else. I should try to find some people interested to share thoughts, and analyse why Europe is so far behind (from my point of view).

  10. What projects are you working on? I know you have video for partycrahsers but what else are you working on?

  11. I saw your video on ZDNet with David Berlind, and I was impressed. Not just another pretty face (although you have that too!), but a creative, passionate, smart, and funny techie. I started my WordPress blog a few months ago and I’ve realized I’m a dinosaur. Keep fighting for social justice, for life, and freedom, Sarah. God bless!

  12. Hey Sarah, just absolutely LOVED your dance – you are great! And all that songs, wow, got me back to my youth… 🙂 Can you please send me the playlist? Thanks in advance – and keep your mind free!

  13. Hi,

    Would love to have you come to an event we’re holding on November 14th in NYC, with Good Morning America tech contributor Tory Johnson.

    Can you please email me when you have a moment so I can send an invite? Thanks!

  14. Hello Sarah,
    It was nice to see you this morning with Loic.
    Would you please send me your email, Loic is in the plane…
    Thank you,

    Cyrille aka Vinvin

  15. Sarah, Just thought I’d let you know. I’m trying to subscribe to your feed but it is just taking me back to your home page.

  16. I love Woz. He is a genius, a true geek and a very modest person. I loved the iWoz book but i was unhappy with the paper quality… 😛

  17. Yeah. The paper is a little thick. I love Woz a lot!

  18. I love Steve Wozniak

  19. Sarah,
    Just wandered over here after seeing you on Gizmodo. You’re gorgeous and I love you. There I said it. Come over and play Wii with me anytime. And that’s not a thinly veiled sexual innuendo as i actually have a Wii. Seriously. For reals. And an actual car and job too. And no criminal record. i do reserve the right to rescind this offer on the occasion I convince my current girlfriend to actually pick up a Wiimote.

  20. Hi Sarah! I just thought I’d say hi. I love your writings and videos – you do a really great job – plus you always look like you’re having fun, especially at CES! Keep up the good work, and stay cute 🙂

  21. Thanks Doug!

  22. http://www.myplaylist.biz/playlist/Sarah_Meyers

  23. Keep up the good work. You are doing a great job with the blog and PopSnap!

  24. I love your blog Sarah, and your live show is awome. keep working hard. =)

  25. Hi Sarah! I found your site from a link on Drew’s site http://www.dembot.com.
    I like the PopSnap alpha format. I have a question if it is alright I will email you. It looks as if you are very passionate about your blogging experience and it is refreshing to see someone so into it. Hope for the best!

  26. Anybody who wants to help women and children get out of poverty is welcome to join One Laptop Per Child at http://laptop.org/ and Earth Treasury at http://earthtreasury.org/, where we work on One Laptop Per Child and related projects. OLPC does laptops with education software, and ET links schools and works on a business training program so that children around the world can find out how to go into business together. You can E-mail me at echerlin@gmail.com.

    Our latest project is to help OLPC Chicago and the state of Illinois with HB5000, The Children’s Low-Cost Laptop Act. OLPC XOs are going into Birmingham, Alabama, and possibly New York City soon.

    Birmingham, Chicago, and New York cover a lot of poverty, but we need help to make each of them happen, and more help to spread the word elsewhere. If your family or friends are from somewhere else, like Barack Obama’s Kenyan father, we will be happy to talk to you about how you can help the Old Country.

    So, Sarah, what do you think?

  27. Hi Sarah! I’ve followed the link on your Wikipedia page. I’ve read that article and some posts from your blog and I want say that you are very,very interesting and fabulous person!
    I really get much pleasure when I read your posts and also your example inspires me! I’m not an engineere and I hardly use new tech,but you inspire me to create! Something that I can create by myself of course,but anyway to do something is better than to do nothing! Thank you!

  28. “We see different parts of technology as different elements that come together to create a key that will unlock a door that will change the world.”
    Interesting…reinvent edu with us…
    email us…www.gamingkrib.com
    are you ready for Oprah? a seat on the Board of the next big social network?

  29. Heyyy nice work XD, saludos desde Guatemala

  30. sara austin. never would have thought it, but here you are. from ‘teamy’ to pop star. -just another team head saying hello.

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