Posted by: sarahmeyers | September 4, 2007

Fashion Week Starts Today!


Actually, I’m just kidding. The official start of New York City’s Fashion Week for Spring and Summer 2008 is tomorrow, September 5th and it goes till Septemper 12th. I heard there are going to be 200 fashion shows in 8 days in the tents and elsewhere. That’s insane. To kick it all off Gwen Stefani will present her show for L.A.M.B. tomorrow with a stand up runway show.
“I don’t know how it worked out,” said Stefani. “I might have been aware way back when that it was Fashion Week. Music has come first, but I started L.A.M.B. so I’d have a creative outlet after my music career and it’s just taken off. … But I would have never done it if I wasn’t going to do it for real.”

I will be filming it and streaming for parts of the day.



  1. 200 fashion shows, yeah that’s insane all right. At least Gwen Stefani kicks it all of, I just love her. I like her music and she seems a nice person.

  2. I got to see her last night and it was great. She came out on stage with her baby who was wearing big old head phones. Sooo cute!

  3. Cute? Yeah, I can imagine. I wish I was there.

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