Posted by: sarahmeyers | June 30, 2007

iPhone. You Rock.

me and the iPhone

Not only did I get to be one of the first in the Apple store in San Francisco, but I was able to see Brian Lam and Jason Chen of Giz activate their iPhones. I just got to go through the process of activating the iPhone and learned one semi-important thing. 

If you activate your iphone with your current number it erases your inbox and saved messages. Everything is gone after that so please get out a pen and paper (old school style) and write down the information you need from your voice mail before it is lost forever.

Looking back: I am amazed by how easy it is to activate and use; this phone is second nature. I’m not psyched about the type pad, because that is the only part that is not second nature. I like the tactile feel of the Blackberry and Treo when I type with my thumbs because it makes things much faster. However, the iPhone allows a pop-up key icon to appear and when you remove your finger it selects that key as if you were pushing down. Because I am used to pushing down to send the information rather than lifting up it will take some getting used to.

Currently the iPhone is not sold out. They still have 4G and 8G phones available in New York and San Francisco.



  1. Looks great.

    Btw, having viewed the videos, it seems to me text entry with thumbs is faster than the index finger.

    I guess Apple could implement the tactile feature in the next update of the iPhone.

  2. It reminds me of the n800 type key pad. The only difference between the n800 type key pad and the iPhone is that the iPhone screen is made out of glass and does not respond to pressure like the n800 does.

    I don’t think they will implement the tactile feature in the next phone.

  3. Hi Sarah,
    thanks a lot for showing us the Iphone!
    It was very nice. Clear explanations and cool video.
    Go and watch it:-)

  4. Would you like me to make a blog post on the video I made at the apple store on the iphone? It’s kinda shakey…

  5. Hi Sarah,

    Yes, a video sounds good. Pictures would be ok too if the video is too shaky..

  6. Nice pic…. looks like Christmas morning!

  7. Thanks for the T-Shirts in the iPhone line… it was nice to meet you in person.

  8. […] Not only that, it will take developers time to adapt as well. Since Apple hasn’t let users download anything they want, the mobile game industry fears iPhone owners might be giving up on mobile gaming. We’re pretty sure though the iPhone has nothing to do with that. iPhone Hurt Mobile Gaming [PC World via Pocket Gamer] [Pic] […]

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